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Nursery Directory - Selangor - Shah Alam, Subang Jaya & Klang

SELANGOR - Shah Alam, Subang Jaya & Klang
Hew Nursery
276 Jalan 1A
Subang New Village
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-7846 9210
Mobile: 6012-2259 019 (Irene) & 6019-3511 602 (Suhaimi)

Laman Subang T3
Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang,
(Opposite SkyPark Subang Terminal)
47200 Subang

Nurseri Dimewa
Lot 83A, Persiaran Setia USJ 3A,
47610 Subang Jaya
Tel: 6012-203 9581 (Linda Tan) & 012-332 0539 (Madeline Tan)

Gold Green Landscape & Nursery Sdn Bhd
20-5, Jalan USJ 9/5T,
47620 Subang Jaya
Tel: 603-8024 7512

One Stop Garden Solution Sdn Bhd
Lot 1766 Jalan Persiaran Kerjaya
(Jalan Glenmarie)
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-7880 4885 & 7880 6885

ANS Nursery
Seksyen U3,
Off Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang,
40150 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6019-357 3383

Surina Nursery
3-1F, Jalan Boling Padang G 13/G,
40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-5519 3700

(Yee Hong Nursery)
LOT 3568, Jalan Besar (Depan Mobil)
Pekan Subang
40150 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6012-306 2998 (Mr Law) & 6016-362 2076 (Mrs Law)

Leong Kwai Yeow Landscape
239 Jalan 2A
Kampong Subang
40000 Shah Alam
Tel/Fax: 603-7846 1481 & 7846 9630
Mobile: 6019-382 8897 (Leong Fong) & 6019-662 0840 (Leong Kwai Yeow)

No. 13 Jalan TUDM 
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-7846 1504
Mobile: 6019-319 3468 (Wong Tai Hoon)

City Rock Garden Sdn Bhd
Lot 3393 Jalan Sungai Buloh
Kampung Melayu Subang
Shah Alam
Mobile: 6019-229 7027 (Simon Ng)
Tel: 603-7782 1088

VKK Nursery and Landscaping
7893 Kg Baru Subang
Bukit Cheraka
41000 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6012-209 8272 & 016-956 2111 (Karthik)

Syarikat Kebun Bunga Ann Loke
7, Jalan BRP 6/9,
Seksyen U20,
40160 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-6156 1562

Kota Kemuning Nursery & Landscaping Sdn Bhd
6331, Jalan Bukit Kemuning Batu 8,
42450 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-5122 0051

Ting Sii Sing
25, Persiaran Rajawali Kaw 17,
41150 Klang
Tel: 603-3341 0510

Usaha Barokah Enterprise
14992, Jalan Langat Batu 5,
Kampung Johan Setia,
41200 Klang
Tel: 603-3323 7071

Chua Tong Lin
11, Lorong Amarasegara,
42000 Port Klang
Tel: 603-3165 3630

Ngiam Kow Kia
40, Jalan Besar,
42200 Kapar
Tel: 603-3250 1886

Bukit Tinggi Nursery
Lot 36333 Jalan Bahagia
Off Jalan Bt Unjur
42000 Port Klang
Tel: 6012-321 8119 (Lim Seng Kit) & 6012-329 7917 (May Tan)

Azie Nurseri
Kampung Baru
Lot 6850 Jalan Rajion
Off Batu 7 Jalan Kebun
68500 Klang
Tel: 6019-385 1150 (En Sharifudin)

Green Grass
Bersebelahan Lot 45537
KM 4.5, Jalan Gambus 2
Taman Desawan
41200 Klang
Mobile: 6016-782 8774 (Mike)
Email: yiakssss@hotmail.com

Kelopak Emas Sdn Bhd
Batu 6 Jalan Langat
Kampung Johan Setia
41200 Klang
Tel: 6012-377 1529 (Ardhie Jarry Abdullah) 

Ixora Nursery
Jalan Klang-Banting
41200 Klang

Sri Andalas Nursery
1338A Jalan Seri Siantan 46
Taman Seri Andalas
41200 Klang
Mobile: 6012-295 0047 (T. Gopalan) & 6012-625 0027 (Mrs G. Sarala Viswanathan)

Chung Lim Garden
Lot 13 Jalan Pasi
Off Jalan Batu Tiga Lama
41300 Klang
Mobile: 6016-348 8918 (Madam Lim) 

Poh Soon Garden
78 Jalan Batu Tiga
Jalan Pasir JKR QRTS
41300 Klang
Mobile: 6012-265 7311 (Lee Thong Heng) & 6012-237 8186 (Lee Giin Huei)
Tel: 603-3342 7658

Perniagaan Jalur Wira
Kampung Baru Satu
Jalan Kebun
42450 Klang
Mobile: 6016-248 0491

Lim & Family Enterprise
Lot 973B Batu 24 Jalan Morib
Kanchong Darat
42700 Banting
Mobile: 6012-364 5224 (Lim Kean Pang) & 6016-277 6598 (Lim Kian Tat)

B H City Garden Sdn Bhd
Lot 5137 Batu 21 3/4, Jalan Morib
42700 Kuala Langat
Tel: 603-3187 0478
Fax: 603-3181 5513
Mobile: 6016-292 3513 (Wee Liang Foo) 

Kedai Bunga Hazira
Lot 4132A Lorong Hj Hussain
Bt 7 Jalan Kebun, Sek 30
40460 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6012-366 1906 & 603-5162 5856 

NHY Nursery
No 51, Lorong Setia 1C
Taman Setia
Jalan Johan Setia
42450 Klang
Mobile: 6019-3084819 & 6016-644 2072 (Nor Aishah),
019-383 5252 & 016-254 5252 (Nopisah bt Abdul)

Orchard Green Agriculture
Lot 5281 Jalan Masjid Sultan 
Kg Perigi Nenas, Pulau Indah 
42920 Pelabuhan Barat Selangor 
Tel/Fax: 603-3371 3289 
Mobile: 6010-269 8007 (En Arifin)

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Anonymous said...


I am from PJ. Can you please tell me from where I can buy papaya seeds of different kinds ?

Stephanie said...

Hi, sorry, I do not have the contact for papaya seeds at the moment.

Rabea Rohde said...

Hi. I'm looking for wholesalers around kuala lumpur who might have periwinkle plants to sell in bulk. Amy idea where I could find them?

Stephanie said...

Hi Rabea Rohde,

Try to search for them at the bigger nurseries along Sungai Buloh Green Lane and ask for bulk orders. http://mygreenfinder.blogspot.com/search/label/Sungai%20Buloh%20Green%20Lane


Ida said...

Hi, im living in usj area, do you know any nearer nursery that can get me peacelily.i want to try to plant it inside my house.

Stephanie said...

Hi Ida,

Most plant retailers will have some peace lilies. They are great for indoor plantings.

I have visited a nursery in USJ (click link below to preview) before but not sure if they have some peace lilies for you now and I hope they are still there. Call them before going.


The best place to find peace lilies is at Sungai Buloh Green Lane. There are lots of nurseries along that road. If one nursery doesn't have the plant, just move on to look for it at another nursery.


Btw, my book, Guide to Gardening in Small Spaces will let you know how to grow plants indoor in detail.


Happy gardening!

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