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NHY Nursery

I was really happy to discover NHY Nursery, a nursery that specialises in herb and edible plants. Armed with this mission, NHY supplies seeds, seedlings and trees of a number of herb, fruit, spice, vegetable and flower plants besides retailing carpet grass and providing landscaping service.

This nursery opens daily from 8.00am to 6.00pm. While walking around the place, I was amazed to learn that so many plants have healing properties and are edible.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.5 | More than 200 types of herb, spice, fruit and flower trees are found here. These include cinnamon, mistletoe fig (mas cotek), white senduduk, butat hijau, Japanese ginseng, all-spice, pennywort (pegaga), passion fruit (markisa), orange jasmine (bunga kemuning), rambai, belinjau fruit, Taiwan mango, longan, lemon and many more.

You will also be able to find tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia), coffee and vanilla plants.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | Most of the plants look healthy and all ready to be planted into the ground.

I saw Sarawak black pepper, local black pepper and black face general plants that are in very good condition.

Layout Rating: 4 | All the plants are placed on the ground and in groups. Most of the young trees are in black poly bags.

The nursery is located next to a row of shops and some terrace houses off Jalan Johan Setia, about three kilometres from Jalan Kebun. Look out for a sign that says 'Gerai Makan Johan Setia'. For the map, click here.


NHY Nursery
No 51, Lorong Setia 1C
Taman Setia
Jalan Johan Setia
42450 Klang
Mobile: 6019-3084819 & 6016-644 2072 (Nor Aishah), 019-383 5252 & 016-254 5252 (Nopisah bt Abdul)
Fax: 603-5161 0823
Website: Herba N Herbs
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Thera said...

que benção esse lugar!!!um berçario de plantas...tudo que eu queria!!!parabens!!!
deve ser magnífico estar ai...natureza é tudo...

Stephanie said...

Translation: "olá, friend… how blessing this place! a nursery of plants… everything that I wanted! congratulations! it must be magnificent to be… nature there is everything… it takes care of!"

Thanks for the comments, Thera! Glad you love nature too :-)

Anonymous said...

i am the owner of the NYH nursery..can i asked your help to edit the contact. actually norhashima and nor hisham not working with me anymore.
change the contact to my new employee. she name is nor aishah. the contact number is 0193084819 and 0166442072.

really apreciate it if you can change it. TQ

snoring solutions said...

I can´t believe what I found here, 200 herbs, pepper, coffee and vanilla plants... that´s heaven! I just contacted my friend in Klang (who had no idea of this place) and we will visit together.
Thanks, thanks, thanks

Stephanie said...

Maybe you should call the nursery first. I hope you will find some interesting plants there ;-)

Bernice Tan said...

This place is perfect! I have been here b4 and it was an amazing experience! Bought couple herbs plants too! And obviously they are high quality plants and not some lousy trash from supermarket! The sales representative was excellent; excellent explanation and passion too!
Highly recommended a

jacob j said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you so much for the valuable info on Nurseries selling tropical fruits. I was infact looking for Nurseries in Malaysia that sell quality bud-grafted saplings of Durian cultivars such as D197 and D24. Your posts did help me a lot!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jacob J,

You're welcome :-)

For Durian cultivars, have you come across this nursery at Semenyih yet? I was there in year 2010. I suggest you give call up first.

Click link below to have a look at Semaian Dusun Hew...


jacob j said...

Dear Stephanie,

As you suggested, i rang up 'Semenyih nursery' and they did tell me that they had what i wanted. I was also informed that the export of saplings is not permitted by the Malaysian Government. Since i am a Durian enthusiast from India, i plan to bring some authentic Malaysian varieties home. Do you have any idea regarding the export laws in Malaysia? Are exports of fruit seedlings possible?


Stephanie said...

Dear Jacob J,

That's a good news and a not so good news yeah... hmm... if convenient, please drop me a short message via email to my mailbox mygreenfinder[at]hotmail dot com so that I can reply you accordingly when I have any information on the questions.


jacob j said...

Thank you so much, Stephanie. Yeah, i will do that.

jacob j said...

And Can you give me your email ID?

Stephanie said...

My email address is mygreenfinder[at]hotmail.com

Chandra Ramprakash said...

hi stephanie .

we are complete horticulture suppliers,
Do contact us for anything you need even help/info as well.

Mail us at marketing@seribubio.com

Stephanie said...

Hi Chandra Ramprakash,

Glad you stopped by and introduced your company here.

Hope you will find the information in this site useful for marketing purposes.

Cheers, Stephanie

Akshay Ramrekha said...

Hi there, I am looking for seeds of dragon fruit, pitcher plant and Sweet clover. Please let me know iff you can assist me on finding these. Thank you a lot. Great Blog by the way.

Stephanie said...

Dear Akshay Ramrekha,

Try to find them through Ebay.

Thank you for your kind words.

Hope you will be able to find the seeds soon.


Chris Walsh said...

i like this post, we visit again for more updates , thanks for sharing this article.
Artificial grass

Ong said...

Hi! Got sell passion fruit, bonsai banana, will like to visit store.

Stephanie said...

Hi Ong,

Check with the nursery by calling them using the numbers given here.

Regards, Stephanie

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