Magical Solar Lightings in the Garden


Home gardeners and landscape architects alike can now easily create a stylish yet sustainable yard by incorporating environmentally friendly solar outdoor lights.

These portable solar-powered light fixtures generate and store their own power in the day and release it at night. They are fitted with durable LED lamps that can last for years. Also these bulbs emit zero carbon hence won’t harm the planet.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill. In fact, you actually don’t need to have electricity to power up these lamps! Also don’t bother digging up your garden to lay cables. You just need to stick them straight to the ground on sunny patches – on lawn, potted plants or flower bed. They look great in the day and even better in the night.

In darkness, these solar outdoor lights brighten up the surroundings and make the garden ever more interesting and colourful.

They come in different designs, sizes, forms and functionalities of your choice. Most importantly, they have long life span as they all built with rainproof and weatherproof materials. And you don’t have to worry about the lawn mower cutting the cables since there are none!

1. Brighten up your front yard

It is important to have lighting so that you and your family, friends and guests are safe to move around in the dark. Solar lawn lights will light up your garden every night and they will automatically turn off at dawn.

They are perfect for marking the walkway or driveway as they are cordless and have pleasing housing made of stainless steel.

2. Make your garden stunning

Solar stick lights are glowing decorations during night-time. They add a whimsical appeal, bringing enchantment to the yard in a number of forms. Entertaining becomes a really fun thing to do once the yard is wonderfully decorated.

3. Set up a usable and lighted passageway

More and more homeowners are ready to take landscaping to the next level. With solar tile lights, the path will not only be paved, but lighted colourfully as well. The multi-coloured lights of the wood-like tile enhance the appearance of your home and landscaping without you having to invest a lot of money on the hardscape and powering them up.

4. Create a stylish directional guide

The warm white LED lights are ideal for illuminating steps, driveways and paths. They make the garden brighter, safer and more attractive at dusk. The transparent glass-like cover is not only elegant looking but strong as steel.

So let there be light in the garden!

All images in this article are provided by Eliossive.

This article is written by Stephanie Choo, My Green Finder.


Zen Bonsai @ KL Pavilion Shopping Mall


If you like bonsai and happen to be at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Shopping Mall, you may want to drop by one of the shops at the Tokyo Street on Level 6. They have amazing little bonsais!

Tokyo Street is a precinct in Pavilion where you will find all things Japanese. There are nice Japanese-themed cafes, interesting snacks, toys etc, so it's not surprising perhaps to find bonsais here as well :-)

Zen Bonsai opens from 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.00 | The bonsais are arranged on tiers of narrow shelves and grouped either according to size or kind of plants.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.50 | The plants are all in excellent condition, all wonderfully shaped in various styles and methods.

Besides bonsais, they also sell Marimo, a species of Cladophora aegagropila. Take a look at these cute Japanese moss balls...

Layout Rating: 4.00 | Although the shop is small, the bonsais are displayed neatly on shelves along the walls or perimeter of the shop and at a very comfortable height for viewing and inspecting.

Garden Products Rating: NA

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Click here to view the map to get to KL Pavilion Shopping Mall.


Zen Bonsai
KL Pavilion Shopping Mall
Level 6 Tokyo Street Lot P6.32.00
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile: 6016-205 5738 (Chong) & 6012-638 6428 (Tan)


OrchidLife Nursery


It was one fine morning (initially) when I visited this farm together with fellow members of the Selangor and Federal Territory Gardening Society. Now why 'initially'? Coz it started to drizzle soon after, haha...

We were there for an orchid talk, organised by the society, on how to grow orchids and the use of appropriate fertilisers. Although I have been to this part of Sungai Buloh (the area near the Sungai Buloh Hospital), it did not occur to me that there is a orchid farm here till this visit. It is a wonderful farm to look for mokaras and vandas!

These Mokara and Vanda varieties that grow upwards (monopodial) can be grown on the ground with wood dust on the top of the soil and are great as hedges under the sun. They have beautiful roots as well...

Abdul Razak, the proprietor, showed us around the nursery, briefed us on the various orchids that he has in the farm and how he cultivates them.

One of the interesting points that he highlighted was to use sheep or goat-pelleted manure to feed orchids. Well, I know my friend does this (me as well!) but as a professional orchid grower, he also uses this method! Can't wait to tell my friend that we have actually been doing things correctly all this while, haha...

And when buying new orchids, always look for free-flowering ones and those that already have old flower stalk on the plant :-D

Young orchids in small trays are being grown right at the front, next to the entrance. The orchids that are grown in the ground are located at the back. The orchids that are in the front are in small pots, mostly growing in charcoal media and displayed on the racks.

Though this orchid farm started only about seven years ago, the family has been living in Sungai Buloh and in the ornamental plant business for a long, long time. The farm opens from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily and is situated at the back of the house. So you may not be able to spot the farm from the road. Just count the lots you pass by and look for Lot 85 (it's the one with no signage!).

Plant Variety Rating: 3.75 | The varieties of orchid that the farm has is mostly of popular species for cut flowers and free-flowering orchids (include dendrobiums and oncidiums) for ornamental use.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.50 | Most of the plants are in very good condition. Save for those upright mokaras and vandas that were planted on the ground, the rest are placed under a netting for protection against the hot sun.

Layout Rating: 4.75 | The farm is arranged systematically and I love the cemented flooring - no muddy ground even though it was drizzling when we were there :-D

Garden Products Rating: NA | They have good orchid fertilisers i.e. those that they use in the nursery!

To view the map to Kampung Melayu Sungai Buloh, click here.


OrchidLife Nursery
Lot 85 Kampung Melayu
47000 Sungai Buloh
Tel: 6012-221 9105 (Abdul Razak Mohd Isa)


Bukit Tinggi Nursery


It was a cloudy day when I arrived at Bukit Tinggi Nursery one afternoon. The skies were gloomy but the colourful plants that were arranged facing the road made the nursery so bright and beautiful.

My excitement was heightened and I was really looking forward to what I would find as I set foot in the nursery. And sure enough, I was not disappointed...

Right at the entrance, on a bridge, was a row of pleasing vertical greeneries. The panels were filled with small potted plants in a few different colours and textures.

I was greeted by the owner, Mr Lim Seng Kit shortly after I entered the nursery. Our conversation got a little interesting when he pointed out to me several plants placed on a rack that he was told were lavenders. Besides that he also showed me a magazine that has a pic of a lavender which looks different than the ones in his nursery. He didn't think that they were rightly identified. And you know what, he was right as later when I got home, I found out that only one of the plants was in fact a lavender... possibly a variety of Lavandula angustifolia.

He also gladly shared with me his collection of precious books and catalogues on plants and plant care that he brought back from countries that he has visited over the years. I also discovered that he is someone who finds rare plants fascinating. As he flipped through the pages of the books, he highlighted some plants that he has not seen before. I was fascinated as well :-)

The other thing that amazed me was that he has also been to Pyin Oo Lwin, a place in Myanmar that was so memorable to me too! See photos of Pyin Oo Lwin (formerly known as Maymyo) at my Facebook.

Bukit Tinggi Nursery opens daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.00 | The bigger shrubs are situated at one far end of the nursery. Those on the racks and hanging ones are small herbs, shrubs, vines and ferns.

I saw many pots of adeniums at one section and they were all on racks...

One thing that intrigued me was that they have some shrubs and cacti planted in trays. I really like them but would have wished that the plants were a lot smaller in size.

See how colourful the plants are...

Plant Condition Rating: 3.95 | Most of the plants are in good condition.

Layout Rating: 3.95 | The plants are not necessarily arranged in groupings. So if you are looking for a particular plant, you may need to go through all the racks ;-)

Garden Products Rating: 4.00 | There are lots of pots, rocks, ornaments and gardening supplies like fertilisers etc.

They have different types of fountains and figurines...

And even bird houses which I find very unusual :)

To view the map to Jalan Bahagia, click here.


Bukit Tinggi Nursery
Lot 36333 Jalan Bahagia
Off Jalan Bt. Unjur
Port Klang
Tel: 6012-321 8119 (Lim Seng Kit) & 6012-329 7917 (May Tan)