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VKK Nursery and Landscaping

I dropped by VKK Nursery and Landscaping on the way home from Subang Impian last Saturday. If you have the time to stop by this nursery, you should be able to find an interesting plant that you would like here.

The nursery opens daily from 8.00am to 7.00pm and has been in this business for about 20 years, specialising in fountain works and grass turfing besides retailing plants and trees, black soil and topsoil.

When I was there, there were two workers watering the plants that are in the open.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | More than 100 types of trees, flowering shrubs, ferns and aquatic plants. Most of the plants are in-between in terms of age. However, they are a number of mature plants too.

They have a variety of flowering shrubs like white muessanda, zinnnia, portulaca, jasmine, frangipani, milky way, bougainvillea, jatropha, allamanda, hibiscus, powder puff, rain lily, amaryllis, yellow walking iris, cape honey suckle and desert rose.

I also noticed a number of elephant's ear (alocasia) plants under a little shade.

There are also many types of ferns like dracaena, aglaonema, dieffenbachia, calathea, philodendron, nephrolepis and asplenium nidus.

At a pond, I saw some white water lilies, Mexican sword plants and papyruses.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The plants are in good condition with the ones in the open being in better shape.

Layout Rating: 4 | The plants are neatly arranged by types with those in the open placed on the ground while the undershaded ones are mostly on racks.

In the open are calamansi, Chinese fringe flower plants, oriental thuja, amaryllis, coleus, false heather, cycad and heliconia, grouped together for easy browsing.

Under the shade are ferns like copper leaf, snake plant, money plant, caladium, peace lily, Mexican petunia and bottleplant.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | There are a number of ornamental ceramic pots and soil.

The nursery is located next to the Esso petrol station, near the Jalan Sungai Buloh/Jalan Pekan Subang traffic lights junction. For directions, click here.


VKK Nursery and Landscaping
7893 Kg Baru Subang
Bukit Cheraka
41000 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6012-209 8272 & 016-956 2111 (Karthik)
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vuejardin said...

Lots of plants, is it the largest nursery in your area.

Stephanie said...

Nope, this is not the largest nursery here ;-) There are many large ones and sometimes is hard to tell which one is the largest.

ayres said...

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