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Law Nursery & Landscaping

If you are around Subang Airport and feel like checking out a nursery nearby, there is one in Pekan Subang (opposite the TUDM airfield). Hmm... now I wonder if this is the nursery that one of my blog readers, Gentak, was referring to in my Cbox some time last August.

Anyway, this is definitely one nursery that can make you 'shop till you drop'! The nursery is huge and filled with numerous variety of shrubs, ferns, climbers and trees.

Law Nursery & Landscaping opens from 8.00am to 7.00pm daily and has been in the business for more than 10 years. Besides retailing plants, the operator also provides turfing, landscaping and garden maintenance services. On their name card, it's also stated that they rent out plants, supply pegola or gazebo and build fish pond. Everything under one roof?!

Plant Variety Rating: 5.00 | With so many types of plants in stock at this nursery, I don't think I could complete the list of plants sold here. Well, people say that a picture tells a thousand words. From all the pics posted here you should be able to see that the place is packed with an enormous amount of plants.

The thing I like most about this place is that they kept propagating plants. Hence, I can have a choice of either getting really young plants (rooted cuttings) or matured ones :-)

At one corner of the nursery, I saw some orchids while at another area, they have a selection of aquatic plants.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.00 | Most of the plants are in good condition. I spotted some nice fruit trees...

Layout Rating: 4.00 | Although they have lots of plants, I was still able to browse every plant with ease. However as it was quite sunny that day, I wished I had brought a bigger hat... then I could spend more time checking out their plants as most plants are in the sun!

Garden Products Rating: 4.00 | They have lots plastic and ceramic pots and gardening supplies here for their customers.

To view the map to Pekan Subang, click here.


Law Nursery & Landscaping (Yee Hong Nursery)
Lot 3568 Jalan Besar (Depan Mobil)
40150 Pekan Subang
Fax: 603-6277 1077
Mobile: 6012-306 2998 (Mr Law) & 6016-362 2076 (Mrs Law)
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Anonymous said...

Hello Steph! Another great nursery post! There was a horticultural show here from where I bought a chickoo plant. I hope it bears a lot of fruit in the coming years. As usual I'm fascinated by the pottery display. I'm back to blogging after a break but I won't be as regular as before.:) Hope your week is going great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! It's me again!! The plants were very expensive! I realised that some of the bromeliads I have are on the steep side. Even the bougainvilleas came from Thailand. They are the dwarf varieties but they are covered in vivid blooms. To buy plants nowadays I need to think twice before shelling out the money. The cheaper orchids were going for fifteen hundred rupees!!:( But I'm happy with two polyanthus primroses. They have not stopped blooming till now!

Stephanie said...

kanak7, from the pics you had uploaded on your blog on the plants, I knew it would be very difficult for you to resist buying some. Anyway, it is good to know that your two polyanthus primroses are blooming steadily. Good investment ;-)

Landscaping Contractors Toronto said...

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said...

Hi stephanie , i recently have a interest to have indoor miniature bonsai plant as a hobby . But i dont know where should i get it . I want a place with lots of variety of bonsai plant . I stay around kepong area . Any suggestion? :)

Stephanie said...

Hi, last year, I came across a little shop at the KL Pavillion Shopping Mall that sells really nice small bonsais. The name of the shop is Zen Bonsai and is situated on Level 6, Tokyo Street Lot P6.32.00. Contact no. 012-251 5987. I hope they are still there. Happy gardening bonsais :-) Cheers, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I bought one there but is quite pricey and less variety . I bought one ytd for rm 58 for a very small one . I wanted to buy a few more . Very interested . :)

Stephanie said...

At the nurseries or even places like Ikea sometimes they will have some stock of either Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Jade or Bonsai Hokkien Tea. The price, about RM30 for one... check out this link http://mygreenfinder.blogspot.com/2009/05/ikea-2.html
Btw it is not easy to grow plants indoor ;-)

Anonymous said...

Huh? Not easy ? But the person told me is easy :(

Anonymous said...

So sorry steph for disturbing . But i prefer going to nursery . Any nursery have bonsai is nearby kl? thank you for much for your help. Appericiate

Stephanie said...

Maybe you have to go further to check out the nurseries at the Garden Mart at PJ Tropicana to see if they will have the stock...


or head to Sungai Buloh Green Lane. I recall one nursery call Soon Li Bonsai Nursery at Lot 70.

or at Semenyih (very far, call up first) check out...

Hope this helps and keep in touch. Cheers, Stephanie

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