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Nursery Directory - Selangor - Ijok, Batang Kali, Serendah, Semenyih & Dengkil

SELANGOR - Ijok, Batang Kali, Serendah, Semenyih & Dengkil

Jasmin Garden Supplier
Lot 437 Jalan Bukit Robinson
Batu 8 Ijok
Jalan Kuala Selangor
45620 Selangor
Mobile: 6019-209 9265 (Md Jajmiah)

Zaleha Orchid & Nursery
Batu 7 Ijok
45600 Batu Berjuntai
Tel: 603-3279 1405
Mobile: 6017-338 4631 (Zaleha)

Fizco Creative
Lot 523 Jalan Besar (Batu 32)
44300 Batang Kali
Hulu Selangor
Mobile: 6012-305 8390 (Hafizah)

M Yunus Garden
No. 3 Jalan Ipoh-Serendah
(Jalan Besar KL-Ipoh)
48200 Serendah
Mobile: 6013-6025 315 (M Yunus)

Gallery Wira Ayu
No. 1 E Wira Ayu
Jalan Besar KL-Ipoh
48200 Serendah
Tel: 603-6081 4598
Mobile: 6019-299 1338 & 6012-358 6984 (Hj Mohammed Mahyuddin)

Lanskap Anggun
KM 38, Jalan Ipoh-KL,
48200 Serendah, Selangor
Tel: 603-6081 3488
Mobile: 012-364 8136

Semaian & Dusun Hew
Batu 18 1/2, Jalan Semenyih
43500 Semenyih
Tel/Fax: 603-8723 8918
Mobile: 6012-612 3599 (AKU)

D' Lakeside Garden Centre
Jalan Besar/Jalan Ayer Hitam
43800 Dengkil
Mobile: 6016-2381246 (Puan Hajarah)
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who can supply me with avocado and apple trees in M'sia? I know they can grow well in M'sia, if we have the expertise (just like Sarawak).In fact, tropical fruits trees can also grow well in many temperate countries. I hope to get non-gmo species fruit trees besides the above, if from grafting, I only wish them grafted from the original old trees, how old? At least 50 yrs old (best is HEIRLOOM). I THINK WE SHD PRESEVE STH FROM THE ANCIENT TIME. pls google HEIRLOOM SEEDS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.

Stephanie said...

Hi, I suggest that you write me an email to mygreenfinder [at] hotmail [dot] com so that I can reply you accordingly. Thank you.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azidah Abd Aziz said...

Hi. Saya Azidah. Saya ada menjual tanah merah dan top soil. Tanah merah 1 lorry 6 tayar harga Rm60 dan top soil 1 lorry 6 tayar harga Rm75. lorry 6 tayar bersamaan dengan 10-14 tan. Selain itu, saya juga menjual top soil+scam padi+sabut berharga Rm4 untuk 8kg. Harga tidak termasuk dengan kos trasport. Sekiranya berminat boleh whatsApp saya dan hubungi saya di talian 01128172110.

Terima kasih

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