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M Yunus Garden

While looking for plant vendors around the Hulu Selangor area, I stumbled upon this nursery that has a unique mix of plants. Unlike the usual fares that you would find in most nurseries, here you will be able to get vegetable, fruit and ornamental plants.

On entering the place, I also saw some soil and grass sods on the right side of the premises and they made the nursery look pleasantly green and nice.

M Yunus Nursery has been operating for 2 years now. Besides retailing, the operator also provides landscaping services. Business is open from 9.00am to 6.00pm daily.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.0 | There are lots of wonderful ornamental and vegetable plants.

Under shade and very close to the entrance, I saw many pots of young cherry tomato plants and some chili, brinjal and grape vines.

While there, I noticed two boys clipping some plants that were on display right at the entrance and I was very curious on the type of plant that they were working on. The owner, M Yunus, told me that it's a phyllanthus plant. This was an interesting discovery for me as I didn't realise that the plant could be sculptured into a ball shape.

Further back, I saw many beautiful flowering shrubs like daylily, canna, amaryllis, musa and spider lily.

They have both young and mature euphorbia milii plants.

Some young petunias were on sale at this nursery during my visit.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | Most of the plants here are in good condition.

At one corner, I spotted a really nice aglaonema and some wonderful begonias.

Layout Rating: 4.0 | The nursery is quite neat and tidy. Most of the plants are properly grouped and positioned on racks. Most of the shrubs are shltered and the bigger ones are placed on the floor.

Garden Products Rating: 2.75 | They have some pots and soil for sale.

The nursery is near a Petronas petrol station, opposite the Serendah KTM commuter train station. To view the map, click here.


M Yunus Garden
No. 3 Jalan Ipoh-Serendah
(Jalan Besar KL-Ipoh)
48200 Serendah
Mobile: 6013-6025 315 (M Yunus)
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AaronVFT said...

Such a tidy and lovely nursery!

Miss Bunga said...

Hi, Do you know a nursery in Lembah Klang where I can buy ros kampung? Thanks.

Stephanie said...

Aaron, nice plants as well!

Miss Bunga, check out a nursery near to you. Nowadays, most nurseries have some stock of ros kampung.

Diane AZ said...

Delightful looking nursery. I love those fancy begonias and the sculpted phyllanthus. :)

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