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Zaleha Orchid & Nursery

I am so glad that I managed to check out this nursery which is in Ijok and I must say that this is one interesting find! The nursery is located in the spacious compound of the home of the family/owner.

When I was there, I was first greeted by an attendant and later by the owner's daughter, Zaharahima Tohar, who came home while I was browsing the plants here.

Zaleha Orchid & Nursery was founded by Zaharahima's mother, Puan Zaleha, some 13 years ago who started growing orchids as a hobby and soon turned it into a business/nursery.

The nursery specialises in orkid kampung, vanda and mokara species. You can just visit the nursery at anytime (as long as the operators are around!). For orchid lovers, if you are somewhere near Ijok or Ijok itself, don't miss this orchid farm. They sell orkid kampung mostly in stem cuttings (not rooted) - hence costing less!

Plant Variety Rating: 4.0 | There are lots of wonderful orchids and some ornamental plants.

I really love the orkid kampung that I saw right at the entrance. They have planted the orchids in a row, forming a hedge and some in large pots forming a tower. Many were in bloom and it just made me think that I should have this orchid planted in my garden perimeter as well. One amazing thing about orkid kampung is that they do not need any shade!

The rest of the orchids are of mostly of dendrobium, vanda and mokara species.

The ornamental plants, anthruium, aglaonema, begonia, staghorn fern, moss rose, fern, rambut puteri mayang sari were looking really good as well.

Last but not least is the desert rose. They have big and medium-size plants. I just love how they use the moss rose to cover the base.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.5 | All orchids and ornamental plants are in really good condition.

Layout Rating: 4.5 | They have orchids in bloom right at the front, all ready for customers to pick up, with the farm situated at the back. It was so easy to move around as the plants are either on racks or hung. They are all arranged in rows and pretty neat.

Garden Products Rating: 1.0 | I didn't see any pots or garden accessories but they have fertilisers for orchids.

To view the map to Ijok, click here.


Zaleha Orchid & Nursery
Batu 7 Ijok
45600 Batu Berjuntai
Tel: 603-3279 1405
Mobile: 6017-338 4631 (Zaleha)
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AaronVFT said...

Such a nice nursery!

zaharahima tohar said...

thanx...kalau u free...u boleh la datang ke rumah i...;) -zaharahima tohar_

Stephanie said...

Thanks Aaron!

Zaharahima,ok! Sampaikan salam saya kepada ibu mu yah :-D

zaharahima tohar said...

ok... =)

zaharahima tohar said...

pada anda yang melayari page ini...di jemput hadir ke nusery saya....=)

Rosey said...

What a great idea for a blog. I bet it is very useful to local residents.

I wish someone around here did that.

Mohd Shazilli said...

Wow, besarnya nursery orchid! I love orchids...Tahniah kepada Puan Zaharahima. Insyallah kalau ada rezeki saya nak visit tempat puan, minggu ni juga...or else, maybe Sabtu atau Ahad ini. Dari Puan Jun

Stephanie said...

Rosey, yup, this is one exceptional orchid farm for the locals ;-)

Mohd Shazili, salam perkenalan & happy gardening orchids ;-)

rosli said...

salam.. saya nak pi jugak..bulan poasa ni bukak tak?
leh datang waktu berbuka.. makan free hehehe.. gurau je

zaharahima tohar said...

to mohd shazili...saya masih cik...belum puan lg...hehehehe
maaf...saya terdelete no.puan jun...
harap puan jun dapat send no.puan ke no saya ye??
terima kasih...;)

zaharahima tohar said...

zaleha orkid menawarkan pelbagai jenis bunga- bungaan untuk hari raya kali ini...
harga orkid serendah rm2..
jika ada kelapangan sila lawati nusery kami...;)

Anonymous said...

hari tue ade lalu tapi x sempat singgah...minat orkid business especially fragrant orchid.ade supply orchid tissue culture product x? email me at ctsal_84@yahoo.com..tq ~ siti

Anonymous said...

salam..sy muhaimin dari hexagon green biotech sdn bhd..kami mempunyai nursery dan ladang orkid di bukit changgang, banting..kami membekalkan anak orkid dan keratan bunga orkid pelbagai spesis kpd individu dan peniaga2 orkid yg berminat..maklumat lanjut boleh hubungi 0193727419 @ email ke muhaimin_biotech@yahoo.com

Stephanie said...

Salam... I hope Zaleha Orchid Nursery will read your message from here. Perhaps it's better to write or call them directly.

Nurathirah Hj Awang said...

saya berminat nak beli bunga orkid dlm kuantiti yg banyak dan jenis yg berbeza terutama orkid biru..bagaimana caranya? from sabah..

email me : athirahdelima@gmail.com

Stephanie said...

Hello Nurathirah Hj Awang,

Welcome to my blog :-)

I have conveyed your message to Zaleha Orchid & Nursery. I hope they will reply you soon. Else, you can give them a call at the above number.


Anonymous said...

salam, nak tanya berapa harga keratan anak bunga orkid n boleh tak courier pergi w.p.labuan?

Stephanie said...

salam, selain daripada berhubung melalui telefon, boleh berhubung via Fb https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zaleha-Orkid/272670442751771?fref=ts

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