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B H City Garden Sdn Bhd

I made a stop at B H City Garden while on the way to Morib. If you are in Banting, you are bound to notice this nursery. This plant vendor, located along Jalan Morib, is just a stone's throw from the Kuala Langat police headquarters.

The nursery has a big entrance, and at a glance looks like a big warehouse outlet. I must say that this is really the place to go to (KL/PJ folks, provided you don't mind the distance!) if you are looking for pots and gardening accessories as they have a large collection here. Price wise... reasonable!

B H City Garden Sdn Bhd opens daily from 9.00am to 7.00pm but is closed for about four days during Chinese New Year.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.25 | There are lots of interesting bonsais in many shapes and sizes.

On top of that they also have other common and popular garden plants like yucca, dieffenbachia, cordyline, calathea, anthurium, aglaonema, hibiscus, grass and even vegetable plants like brinjal.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.25 | Most of the plants are in good condition.

All the plants here look attractive and just ready to go. Many are placed on the ground.

Layout Rating: 4.00 | The space is pretty huge. As you walk into the place, you will realise that it seems endless...

There are many big trees, palms and bonsais placed at the back of the nursery, in the open.

Garden Products Rating: 4.50 | They sell lots of plastic and ceramic pots, decorative items and gardening accessories.

To view the map to this place, click here.


B H City Garden Sdn Bhd
Lot 5137 Batu 21 3/4, Jalan Morib
42700 Kuala Langat
Tel: 603-3187 0478
Fax: 603-3181 5513
Mobile: 6016-292 3513 (Wee Liang Foo)
Email: citygarden_wee@yahoo.com
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kitchen flavours said...

If only they are much nearer! Thank you for this info!

Stephanie said...

kitchen flavours, I totally agree with you!

Diane AZ said...

I like the tall curvy bonsai and the ceramic pots are very attractive. Looks like a fun place to shop!

Stephanie said...

Diane, those curvy bonsais comes in many sizes!

Krista Goon said...

Hi I grew up in Banting so it's a nice surprise to see this little town (well, not so little now) featured in a blog. If you go to Banting, here are a few things you must try (if you're a foodie): deep-fried chips from any vendor in Kampung Sungai Lang, Chinese style seafood reasonably priced at Pulau Carey (this is 15 mins before Banting town) as well as in Morib, the Bak Kut Teh in Banting town (morning) if you are not a Muslim (of course) and nasi lemak with squid sambal in town. I wrote about this years ago but I think these are just the best food ever: http://mayakirana.com/2007/06/what-youll-get-in-banting/

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the info MayaKirana! Love to be there again :-D

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