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Top Bowl Enterprise

I was on my way back to Petaling Jaya from Shah Alam when I spotted and stopped by this garden products retailer. I bought two pots and a few packets of black soil from them for my garden. Well, the soil was only RM1 per packet, which I found to be very reasonable!

Top Bowl Enterprise specialises in an array of decorative pots as well as fountain and landscape ornaments. Besides that they are also into turfing and landscaping. Some of their pots are imported from China.

Top Bowl Enterprise opens daily from 9.30am to 6.00pm. But sometimes they are closed for a short while if the operators are out for landscaping projects. So if you are interested to visit this retail outlet, you may want give them a call first before knocking on their doors.

When the person-in-charge mentioned that they provide decorative ornaments and pots for Laman Impiana (a local garden magazine that I featured here a year ago), I suddenly recalled seeing Top Bowl's pots/props and pot displays in the magazine. What a pleasant surprise!

Layout Rating: 4.0 | All their pots are grouped according to sizes and designs. It's easy to walk about, browse and inspect every of their products since they are displayed in rows.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | There are a number of pot and garden decor options for your garden plants here.

I saw some pebbles and landscape products too.

At the entrance, there are some big and glazed ceramic pots.

At the back, they have many coloured pots that are imported from China.

They also have big bowls, pot pedestals/holders and garden decor stocks.

To view the map, click here.


Top Bowl Enterprise
Lot 0004927 Persiaran Kerjaya
Jalan Glenmarie Seksyen U1
40150 Shah Alam
Mobile: 6019-275 7968 (Shaari B. Karim) & 6012-383 9749 (Yusof)
Fax: 603-7846 4630
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antigonum cajan said...

Caribeean greetings,

Tell, me darling, have you ever thought of making your
own soil?
I do. Onion/garlic skins, coffee grounds, shredded
newspapers mixed with the yard soil. I leave for weeks in a huge pot, to allow the earth worms do their thing.

Dry leaves and green ones, left when I prune are
also part of the mix. I have not bought soil in
years. Only when my own is gone, which is rarely.

When it is time to replace the soil in the pots,
I start again. That way I keep some always...

I hope I did not bore you...Until then....

Stephanie said...

Hi antigonum! No you didn't. It's good to know how you make your soil. Thanks for sharing ;-)

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