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Mekarindah Bentong

What can one do in Bentong, Pahang when not looking for those very fragrant gingers? Shop for plants!

The two young men manning the place were friendly and very approachable. They say they can even look for fruit plants on behalf of their customers. That's helpful, right? :)

Mekarindah Bentong has a very prominent signage installed in front of its premises. While I was there, the gate was flung open and look very welcoming. Many plants flanked both sides of a path that is right in the middle of the nursery.

Opens daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm, Mekarindah Bentong has been in business for some ten years now. Besides retailing plants at the nursery, they also provide landscape services, maintenance services and make wooden furniture and pallets for customers. They supply many kinds of ornamental plants, soil, fertiliser, landscape ornaments, pots as wells as garden grasses.

Most plants are tagged with a price and some with even plant names. There are plants for everyone regardless whether you are looking for fruit trees, ornamental plants or herbs.

At one spot I was greeted by blooming trailing vincas. They looked so wonderful and colourful. I thought if these flowers were in my garden, they would really liven up my compound nicely. 

If you are looking for some fascinating plants, they have pitcher plants in hanging pots to offer.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.75 | See the rambutan gula batu (see pic below), this fruit sapling is one of the many options found there. They also sell durian musang king, jambu bertih (guava), manggis master (mangosteen), lemon and mango saplings.

I was surprised to find lempoyang (bitter ginger) among small potted herbs on one rack. The mugwort was another surprise.

In a sheltered area, there were pots, fertilisers and other garden supplies.


Plant Condition Rating: 3.75 | The plants are generally in good condition.

I was greeted with some rose plants displayed on a rack and all in uniform black pots. 


Layout Rating: 3.75 | 
There are many annuals and shrubs both in the open and covered pergolas. Most of the shrubs come in small quantity and growing together, making the nursery looking like a garden outside a house compound itself.

Checking out each plant is easy also as one can move around easily.

Garden Products Rating: 4.00 | There are a variety of garden supplies that are all stacked up and arranged in good order. 


To view the map to this nursery, click here.


Mekarindah Bentong
KT.303, Kampung Ketari
28700 Bentong
Mobile: 6019-910 1428 (Roszaharri - Kerja Kayu)
6011-2811 6864 (Shamsinar - Lanskap)
6019-974 0910 (Lanskap)
Facebook and Instagram: @mekarindahbentong

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