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Jaiwan Hardware Sdn Bhd

Passing by Jalan Enggang at Taman Keramat for the first time was quite an experience. At one stretch of the the road I saw many colourful blooms -- which turned out to be petunias and vincas. I then realised that there were two nurseries opposite each other. So I decided to drop in at one of them that day.

Colourful blooms greeted me as I stepped into the compound. Jaiwan Nursery (which is part of Jaiwan Hardware Sdn Bhd) opens daily from 7.00am to 7.00pm. They have been retailing plants here for more than 30 years already, I was told by the friendly owner, Pak Dali. They also supply plants in large quantity and provide landscaping services.

At the back of the two sheds facing the road, they kept many fruit saplings and young shrubs. They are placed on the ground as well as on racks.

The barricades and shelvings that they use to display the plants are colourful as well.

The nursery has a wide frontage and all the plants are kept inside and near to the sheds.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.50 | What I like most of this nursery is that they have beautiful blooming plants like petunias, vincas and hibiscuses. 

I was also attracted to the colourful small cacti they have. They are moon cactus plants, also known as Gymnocalycium mihanovichii or Hibotan cactus. Each one is grafted onto a rootstock which is a cactus too.

The nursery has many pots of Limau Taiwan which bears huge citrus fruit/lime.


I also spotted fig trees, mangoes, cikus, Vietnam apples and even papaya trees. There were also spice plants like lemon grasses.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.75 | The plants are generally in fair condition.

Although many of the Limau Taiwan plants are in black bags only, many were bearing fruits and one fruit from the plant below is ripening.


Layout Rating: 2.75 | 
If you go around the nursery to view the plants, you can find a wide range of plants. They include annuals, shrubs, foliage plants, ground covers, young fruit trees, pitcher plants and orchids.

There were many flowering plants like bougainvillea and roses. Some plants are on the ground, some on the rack and some suspended from the roof of the sheds.

Garden Products Rating: 3.00 | If you are looking for black and burnt soil, here is the place to go to.

Many glazed clay pots are arranged neatly on the floor inside one of the sheds.

Besides soil and pots, they also sell garden stones and fertilisers.

To view the map to this shop, click here.


Jaiwan Hardware Sdn Bhd
Jalan Enggang
Taman Keramat
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile: 6016-9977 929 (Pak Dali)

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Jaiwan Hardware said...

love this post

Stephanie said...

Thank you and may your business grow and bring you prosperity.

Jaiwan Hardware said...

tqsm for the posting.... if u need others esp on raw house n building material fee free to w/aps family members www.wasap.my/61036406060

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