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Angel Florist

Recently my hubby made a stop at a car wash infront of a popular hardware shop called Jaya DIY Centre, which is situated along Jalan 17/21 in Petaling Jaya. A plant retailer is situated within the compound of the shop, hence giving me some time to check out the place.

In fact I often pass by this shop but had never visited till that day. After visiting, I can now tell you that the place is packed with lots of good stuffs, I mean plants of many kinds ;)

The plants and garden supplies can be seen right from the time you step into the shop. Using lots of wooden shelves to display products, the shop looks rustic and chic.  

The shop has been in operation for about six years now. They open daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Besides retailing plants, garden landscaping and maintenance services are also offered. And they can help you source for the plants that aren't in the shop.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.50 | There are lots of plants from cacti, succulents to herbs. I saw rosemary, mint, basil and sage plants. Many popular ornamentals grown for foliage as well as flower are found in the shop too.

The plants that require more sun were displayed at the outer area facing the road where there is more sunlight.

Some plants were already potted in cute containers.


Plant Condition Rating: 4.00 | Most plants are in pretty good condition.

I was charmed by the vertical panel in the shop. The wall was filled with many pots of small potted plants which are great for indoor use. 


Layout Rating: 4.00 | Once you are inside the shop, you can basically view all that they have at a glance. The plants meant for hanging are suspended. 

The shop is well stocked with many attractive popular ornamental plants -- as you can see from the pic below...


Garden Products Rating: 3.00 | They have seeds, pots, decorative rocks, fertilisers, compost and soil all placed at one corner. 

They can also repot a plant for you upon purchase.

Tip: For more gardening needs, you can also check out the hardware shop. They sell gardening tools inside the shop as well as some fertiliser, pesticide and compost outside the shop. 

To view the map to this shop, click here.


Angel Florist
49 Jalan 17/21, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
Mobile: 6016-269 4659 (Angel Phoo) & 6012-606 5527 (Isaac Phoo)
Email: angelflorist2u@gmail.com

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Normala Saad said...

How I wish it was here...

Stephanie said...

I am sure many plants can fit nicely into your garden, Normala ;)

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