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Fang Kiat Florist & Landscaping

Good range of plant stocks as well as garden supplies can be found here! Now why didn't I stopped by this very first nursery the last few times I was here? The nursery, Fang Kiat Florist & Landscaping, is the first one -- on the left side of the long row of nurseries -- as you enter the stretch of plant vendors after the badminton hall at the former Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre.

The nursery is sheltered, so if it rains this is the nursery to go to ;-) No need to wait for the rain though as the outlet is actually a pleasant place to visit. The compound is spacious yet filled with a huge variety of ornamental plants and some of the newest ones in town.

And they have a ceiling that is high enough to suspend lots of hanging pots all over the place. Bottom line, plants at every corner -- you can't possibly walk out without buying any of those alluring greeneries!

Above me I saw many cute 'little angels' with Spanish Moss or Old Man's Beard plants (Tillandsia usneoides) growing out from their bellies -- cute!!

Speaking of tillandsias, the nursery has lots of this group of plants to offer and they are even labelled...

Mr Khoo Kay Wen, the person-in-charge was helpful, courteous and can even offer a tip or two on how to grow a plant best. His nursery opens from 8.00am to 7.00pm daily but during weekends, it closes at 6.00pm. The nursery has been in the business for about 8 years now.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.75 | The varieties of shrubs, succulents and cacti were awesome! I was glad to see the range of succulents there as I was looking forward to buying some home :-D

Plant Condition Rating: 4.75 | Most of the plants are in very good condition. They even have petite orchids mounted onto a bamboo trellis and looking happy. Wish I could have space for these beauties!!

Layout Rating: 4.75 | It is indeed a comfortable nursery to be in and I have no complaints. Look, even the place where they display the stones and slabs is neat and orderly...

Garden Products Rating: 4.75 | They seem to have everything that a gardener requires. Potting service is provided too if you need it!

They have a range of outdoor table and chairs. Great for big gardens :-D

The seeds look new and placed on racks so that they can be easily accessed.

To view the map to the Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre, click here.


Fang Kiat Florist & Landscaping
No. 68 East Section
47000 Sungai Buloh
Tel: 603-6156 4154
Mobile: 6017-555 8993 (Khoo Kay Wen)
Email: fangkiat_florist@hotmail.com

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Garry Tan said...

Hi Stephanie,

I was there yesterday for the first time. The map location given is incorrect which lead me to the the PKKN (pusat kawalan kusta negara).

Eventually after a short while of wandering I found the place, also thanks to James Missier's blog with picture guide.

Okay, for those tech savvies out there with GPS navigation you definitely won't miss this place. Here are the exact coordinates:

3.221498, 101.590225 or
3°13'17.4"N 101°35'24.8"E

On google map:

For those of without GPS navigation, you can follow this the instruction from James's blog below.


This is the starting point of all the plant nurseries of the Sungai buloh ex leprosy centre. It is worth going all the way there as you will surely find something nice at a decent price..do haggle a little ya ;)
Happy hunting! :)

p/s - Stephanie, you may want to update the map location in your blogs as some are inaccurate. Hope you don't mind me posting James's blog link here, else you know what to do lah. I just want to make it easier for first timers ;-)

- Garry

Stephanie said...

Thank you for pointing that out, Garry! I appreciate your detailed feedback. I am sorry to have given you some problem. I hope you saw lots of beautiful plants there at Sungai Buloh. Happy gardening :-D

Jojo said...

Overpriced. Go further into the area to find the same plants/pots/flowers for cheaper.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jojo for the tip :-)

Jade Graham said...

The girls had lots of fun looking at all the plants...and they were lots of help! NSW Synthetic Grass

radhe bhai said...

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Carnations My said...

woww they got a plenty of variety of these beautiful flowers , this nursery is wroth visiting !!

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