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Magical Solar Lightings in the Garden

Home gardeners and landscape architects alike can now easily create a stylish yet sustainable yard by incorporating environmentally friendly solar outdoor lights.

These portable solar-powered light fixtures generate and store their own power in the day and release it at night. They are fitted with durable LED lamps that can last for years. Also these bulbs emit zero carbon hence won’t harm the planet.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill. In fact, you actually don’t need to have electricity to power up these lamps! Also don’t bother digging up your garden to lay cables. You just need to stick them straight to the ground on sunny patches – on lawn, potted plants or flower bed. They look great in the day and even better in the night.

In darkness, these solar outdoor lights brighten up the surroundings and make the garden ever more interesting and colourful.

They come in different designs, sizes, forms and functionalities of your choice. Most importantly, they have long life span as they all built with rainproof and weatherproof materials. And you don’t have to worry about the lawn mower cutting the cables since there are none!

1. Brighten up your front yard

It is important to have lighting so that you and your family, friends and guests are safe to move around in the dark. Solar lawn lights will light up your garden every night and they will automatically turn off at dawn.

They are perfect for marking the walkway or driveway as they are cordless and have pleasing housing made of stainless steel.

2. Make your garden stunning

Solar stick lights are glowing decorations during night-time. They add a whimsical appeal, bringing enchantment to the yard in a number of forms. Entertaining becomes a really fun thing to do once the yard is wonderfully decorated.

3. Set up a usable and lighted passageway

More and more homeowners are ready to take landscaping to the next level. With solar tile lights, the path will not only be paved, but lighted colourfully as well. The multi-coloured lights of the wood-like tile enhance the appearance of your home and landscaping without you having to invest a lot of money on the hardscape and powering them up.

4. Create a stylish directional guide

The warm white LED lights are ideal for illuminating steps, driveways and paths. They make the garden brighter, safer and more attractive at dusk. The transparent glass-like cover is not only elegant looking but strong as steel.

So let there be light in the garden!

All images in this article are provided by Eliossive.

This article is written by Stephanie Choo, My Green Finder.

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kitchen flavours said...

My garden is so small, the porch light is enough to light up my entire garden! LOL!
One day when I have a big garden...!! :)
BTW Stephanie, do you know of any nursery or anyone that is selling edible fig seedlings? My sister is looking for a fig seedling and we are unable to find any just yet! Would appreciate if you could advise. Thank you!

Stephanie said...

How fortunate!

For fig seedlings, try this nursery at Ulu Klang...


Maybe give them a call to inquire first. Do keep me posted :-)

kitchen flavours said...

Thanks Stephanie, will pass the info to my sister! :)

Annie Khan said...

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annie swati said...

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saad jadoon said...

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Solar Garden Lanterns said...

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Stephanie said...

Hello Annie Khan, annie swati, saad jadoon and Solar Garden Lanterns, glad to hear from you and that you have found this site useful. 'Join this site' :-) Cheers, Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Hi Stepanie,
Thank you for your great blog.
Have you came across Bougainvillea in Kuala Lumpur? I wonder if I can find some in the local nurseries and if they would grow well on my balcony?

Stephanie said...

Hi Tim,
Just replied to your email :-)

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