Tricking the amaryllis to bloom


Do you have an amaryllis or Hippeastrum sp. plant growing in your garden and not blooming?

The fact is, in the natural state, amaryllis will bloom after dormancy or a rest period.

If you have an amaryllis that has not re-flowered after ten months, you can try to trick or force it to flower. The forcing process which takes about fifteen weeks to complete, exploits the plant's ability to bloom after a period of inactivity. In the end, the bulb is tricked into thinking that it's time to flower!

And it will make a dramatic statement in your garden :-)

The article in News Straits Times explains the forcing process in detail. The diagram below is just a summary.

For more information on how to grow a Hippeastrum sp. plant click here.

Enjoy the process and those gorgeous blooms!


suka suka said...

Wow... I was fascinated... been searching this kind of info...will try one day

Stephanie said...

suka suka, have fun experimenting the process! I am sure you will be posting the blooms later :-)

michaelswoodcraft said...

Love the colors of amaryllis, I grow alot of them.

Check out my post sometime: Beautiful Color


Stephanie said...

You have a wonderful blog and a unique passion, Michael! Thanks for leaving a comment here. You have a great day!