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If you are looking for gardening supplies and products for your garden drop by GardenKu along Jalan Penchala Petaling Jaya old town. The centre can be easily spotted as they hung a number of colourful buntings right at the front. The retail area is situated at the back of the plot of land leaving the plenty of parking bays and a wonderful wooden hall with thatched roof within the compound.

When you are there, be sure to also check out their unique vertical gardening system that comes in small and medium-sized pots. It is a great solution for creating an edible garden as well as ornamental landscape in homes and public areas that have limited spaces.

The company, Asian Pottery was established since late 1970s and is a leading manufacturer and exporter of ceramic garden ware and household pottery items in Malaysia.

Their retail centers GardenKu, one in Penang another in Petaling Jaya, offer variety of services ranging from custom designing products lines, custom packaging, international barcode labelling system and also landscaping consultation services.

The GardenKu retail centre in Petaling Jaya started operation since September 2012. They open daily from 10.00am to 7.00pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to know more about their products or hold gardening related activities there, just ask their helpful and friendly staff.

Also remember to sign up and register for their free-of-charge membership subscription. All members receive a 15% discount off in-store purchases.

Plant Variety Rating: 2.50 | They have a special section for selling plants, garden rocks and soil. The plants available including some water plants are mostly in small pots.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.00 | Most of the plants are in good condition.

Layout Rating: 4.75 | The place is a very comfortable to be and in case your feet are tired, just pretend to check out their garden benches ;-)

Garden Products Rating: 4.95 | There are lots of seeds, fertiliser, garden tools and supplies as well as gardening equipment.

I was told they will have more diorama garden supplies coming soon.

For those who adore Artstone and Elho products, here is the place to get them!

And for those who loves decorating their garden and homes, they have an array of ceramic pots and ornaments of all sort ranging from very colourful ceramic glazed balls...

...to water feature ornaments, to clay figurines...

Interestingly situated right at the back of the centre are some stock of ceramic and clay luminaries including stone lanterns that would be great for a Japanese or Chinese-themed garden!

To view the map to Jalan Ulu Kelang, click here. They are located somewhere near to the Flamingo Hotel, Ampang.



Update as of 14 Mar 2017: The nursery has closed down.

Latest update, new address as of 20 May 2015:

60 Jalan Ulu Kelang
68000 Ampang
Mobile: 6012-538 7364

Address as of 20 Oct 2014:

52 Jalan Selangor Sek 7
46050 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 6012-538 7364

Above pics were taken at their former premises at Section 51 Petaling Jaya:

No. 6 Jalan Penchala
Section 51
46050 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7782 0889 (Retail), 7782 0881 (Admin)
Fax: 603-7781 8881

Their office at Penang:
Asian Pottery Home Garden Sdn Bhd
Lot 2652 Jalan Kebun Bunga
10350 Penang
Tel: 604-2288 969
Fax: 604-2274 391

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Sean L said...

Love the clay owl. When I was young, my parents would take us to Asian Pottery (in Penang) to buy pots and lovely ceramic stuff.

Stephanie said...

Sean L, yup they have in this business for a long time. Maybe now you can take your parents to this place hehe... Btw, I prefer those clay laughing girls :-) And it is great to know that you are from Penang! I like the hawker food there :-P

Sean L said...

The clay girls are cool. Wish I have a garden big enough to take a few of those. Good idea, I should take them for a look. The food there can be a bad thing, one just keeps on eating and eating, hehe.

Stephanie said...

That's right Sean L :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
GardenKu has moved from PJ. I was looking for them in PJ as I often went there when they were in PJ Old Town. They are now in Ampang, somewhere near Flamingo Hotel. Call them: 012-5387364.


Stephanie said...

Thank you for informing! I have called up the nursery and updated their address. You have a great day!

Mc Ramsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mc Ramsey said...


I'd contacted them through WhatsApp from the phone numbers provided on their FB page.

Unfortunately they had cease operation.

Sad news.

I was planning to go there; I live in Ampang.

Stephanie said...

Yup, sad news, Mc Ramsey.

Thank you for keeping me informed about the status of this nursery.

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