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Quick Fixes for a Balding Lawn

Constant wear and tear, whether it’s from your pet dogs, your children or even particularly heavy-footed guests, will eventually create bald patches on your lawn. Lawn grasses aren’t the hardiest of plants in the first place, and the stresses and strains of heavy use can easily damage their relatively weak roots – rendering them lifeless and extremely fragile.

Luckily, it’s quite easy to disguise any bald patches on your lawn before they become a real eyesore. Just take a look at the three different ideas below for some inspiration:

Lay Down Some Fresh Coat of Topsoil and Over-Seed Any Bare Patches

The most sustainable way to revitalize your lawn is definitely to sprinkle high quality top soil on any bare patches, and then sow with fresh seeds to encourage the growth of new, healthy grasses. This is probably the most cost-effective method of dealing with balding lawns too, but it does have a significant downside: It must be done in the early fall; otherwise young grasses will succumb to early frosts, and die off without getting the chance to establish their roots.

If you do decide to adopt this route, ensure that you sow bluegrass, ryegrass or some other hardy strain that’s been bred to thrive in relatively inhospitable conditions.

Think About Creating a Small Flower Bed in the Centre of Your Lawn

Since it’s often the centre of lawns that wear out first, another effective tactic for dealing with unsightly bald spots is to create a new bed or border in the middle of your garden. Using high quality soil, some late blooming autumn flowers and a decent spade, you can easily dig up a small section of lawn, and turn it into a pleasant feature.

To make things look a little more professional, you might also want to consider edging your new feature with shale, granite or slate to ensure that it draws the eye, and remains an effective centrepiece.

Think About Constructing a New Garden Shed or Summerhouse

Although this is less relevant for covering up the centre of a balding lawn, and it can be quite expensive, this is a particularly effective technique for covering up any bald spots on the southern edge of your garden – a particularly common problem in gardens that aren’t really well exposed to the sun.

What’s more sheds or summerhouses, like flower borders, can also help to draw attention away from your lawn by establishing a clear point of visual focus in your garden.

When it comes to buying a shed though, make sure you pick one that’s made from the same sort of high quality timber that Vale Stables use for their constructions though, because the last thing that you want is an inferior outbuilding that starts to rot, or falls apart during the damper months of winter.

This article is contributed by Vickie Harrison.
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