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Innovative Garden Ideas for 2014

As anyone who has ever looked out over an unkempt garden will testify, gardening is often seen as an inconvenient and unwanted chore. To some, however, it is a relaxing and therapeutic past time, that allows them to enjoy their outdoor space while also experiencing a number of unusual health benefits.

To these individuals, gardening represents far more than a simple chore. Instead, it is an opportunity to create a visually attractive and purposeful space, and one which serves as an extension of their home. With this in mind, a great deal of time and money can be invested into cultivating a picturesque garden that also serves multiple purposes for home-owners.

Innovative Garden Trends and Design Ideas for 2014

So what trends and design ideas should gardening enthusiasts look out for in the year ahead? Consider the following...

A Multi-functional Garden Space that Retains its Aesthetic Appeal

One of the main interior design trends in 2013 has revolved around multi-functionality, and this is set to be embraced by gardeners in 2014. Essentially, it demands that any outdoor space should fulfil numerous purposes simultaneously, while also maintaining its visual appeal. This may require you to section off areas of your garden using materials purchased from suppliers such as Buy Fencing Direct, as this will allow you to create a segregated space that enables you to relax, grow food and entertain guests within a single outdoor space. While this may be more difficult for owners of new build properties who have access to a compact garden, it is important to remember that a creative layout can do wonders for a limited space.

The 'Theme Garden'

Increasingly, the perception of the typical garden is changing among modern home-owners, as individuals look to create a space that provides an escape from the pressures of everyday life. In order to achieve this, innovative home-owners across the world have created the concept of the theme garden, which borrows heavily from alternative cultures to establish a space that reflects each individuals tastes, style and life experiences. If you life in a residential area but have your roots in a coastal or seaside area, for example, you may wish to turn your garden into a beach escape that reflects your upbringing and most cherished memories. Not only does this create a space that is unique to you, but it also creates a wow factor that will impress both residents and guests alike.

An Increasing Emphasis on Greenery

While professionally designed gardens are also on the rise in the UK, the emphasis of home-owners has begun to shift considerably in 2013. More specifically, they are increasingly focused on enhancing the greener aspects of their garden, while relying less on landscaping and decorative features to define their chosen look. As a result of this, planting styles and species are becoming increasingly diverse in British gardens, as home-owners look to integrate unusual colours and a sense of the exotic into their outdoor space. This means that individual gardens are likely to become more unique and sophisticated in 2014, with varied plant life and picturesque flowers dominating the landscape.

This article is contributed by Vickie Harrison.
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Stephanie said...

That is very true, Nelson. Even in my small garden, I stored my garden supplies in a cabinet so that the garden looks neat.

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