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How to keep your home safe at night

The threat of home invasions is something which is very real to some people, and they live in fear of people coming into their home at night. Others worry about being alone during the hours of darkness, and want to be sure that they can protect themselves, and their home, at night. It is not practical to hire a security guard, and it is not possible to surround the home with barbed wire. Instead, homeowners have to take steps to ensure that burglars are deterred before they even step in the home. There are several ways in which this can be done.

1) Keep Well Lit

One of the most important ways to deter a burglar is to have an effective lighting system around the outside of the property. This not only allows you to see the home as you drive up, but makes sure that people looking at your house can see someone trying to break in. Outside lights do not have to be expensive or difficult to install, and a few LED patio umbrella lights can quickly make the perimeter seem quite well-lit.

2) Have motion sensors

The outside of the house might be well-lit, but it is much harder to see people moving around just outside that circle of light. The best way to ensure that you can see someone walking up the path is to use a motion sensor alarm. This responds to people moving past a particular area, and at once the whole path can be lit up, allowing you to see whoever is on the path. Carefully placing the lights, including hiding them in flowerbeds or using patio umbrella lights, are a good way to ensure that your lights can be seen when lit, but are hard to find in darkness.

3) Use Timers

One of the things which burglars and intruders look for is a lack of motion in the home. This includes lights being left on all day, and well into the night, or curtains not being closed. The answer to this is to program the lights to turn on and off according to set times, and have the curtains also controlled in the same way, so they move forward and back as you have ordered. This means that there is activity in the house even when no-one is there, helping to deter casual thieves and intruders.

4) Maintain the garden

It is easy to allow the garden to become unkempt, and this includes tree branches and climbing plants to hang close to windows on the upper floor. Aside from the fact that these plants can undermine the house, growing into foundations or damaging brickwork, they also provide foot holds for burglars, and allow easy access into the property. Careful maintenance of bushes and fences near windows is also important, and some choose to add glass fragments to the top of walls in order to prevent people climbing on top and getting onto the roof.

5) Use LED lights for reliability

One problem with lighting is that it is easy for bulbs to wear out and need replacing. This can sometimes mean that a whole circuit dies, preventing the illumination of the house or the garden. The best way to solve this is by using LED lighting to provide a longer-lasting light source for the home. It is possible to buy LED patio umbrella lights from YescomUSA which will provide illumination on your property.

This article is contributed by Van of YesComUSA.com
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