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Info Pertanian

As I was browsing a magazine rack some months ago, I chanced upon Info Pertanian, a local magazine on agriculture that is written in Bahasa Malaysia. This particular copy was Issue 19 (the last I checked, Issue 20 was already out as well) and it has pictures of jackfruit and other plants on its cover.

I flipped through the pages and pleasantly discovered that some of the information inside were actually quite relevant to home gardeners, especially those who has plans to grow edibles like vegetables or a fruit tree or two. It is only proper and good to learn the know-hows from the experts (the farmers themselves!) how they have been growing, pest-controlling and feeding the plants for years for their experiences are genuine!

Info Pertanian is a bi-monthly magazine published by Greenlands Enterprise. The content is mainly on agriculture crops, issues, businesses and cultivations.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.5 | Besides the jackfruit the issue contains a number of plants like English gourd, rubber tree, pineapple, palm oil, peach palm, Brazilian grape tree (I learnt a new plant!). Even coleus are covered in this edition.

Images Rating: 4.0 | Overall the pictures are impressive. I was very fascinated by the ones showing how square watermelons are moulded. Interesting!

Content Rating: 5 | Besides learning some new plants, I like the recommendation of selling a fruit 'rojak' (a local salad dish) for a small business. It actually explains in detail why, how and the potential of the business. It even lists the ingredients and how to make the honey 'rojak' sauce!

Besides, the write-up on Passiflora foetida and how they increase pineapple production by tissue culture method are good reads. Also I like the story on kekatong that is being used as heavy hardwood and pests problems which are very educational.

Layout Rating: 3.5 | The font size is big enough for anyone to read! This make every article easy to read - for me at least, hehe...

Price Rating: 5 | At RM9.50 a copy, it is really reasonable and value-for-money considering the many pictures and good articles found in this magazine.

It is certainly the magazine for farmers, entrepreneurs or anyone who have the interest in farming because the magazine is certainly going to tell you about crops that have great potential, the challenges and also how the crops are being planted currently.

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adi wibawa said...

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Stephanie said...

Hello adi wibawa, thank you for introducing your site here. You have a great day! Stephanie

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