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Soon Li Bonsai Nursery

I had passed by Soon Li Bonsai Nursery a number of times previously, but not entered to check out the place till now. Perhaps it was because of the not-so-attractive signage infront of the nursery, haha...

Well, I should have visited it earlier anyway for this nursery certainly has a lot to offer as I found to my delight many cool bonsais here. But one thing I must mention about is the price of the plants – which starts from a few hundred ringgit to thousands!

When I step into the nursery, I was greeted by the friendly owner, Adam Lim. His mother was at the nursery as well but she just let the son do all the talking ;-) Adam is a bonsai enthusiast himself and has participated and won titles in a number of bonsai competitions.

I asked if he would teach others about bonsai. He said he welcome anyone who has the interest, whether a novice or a bonsai enthusiast alike, to come see him at the nursery and he will share his experiences with them. He added that one has to have the time, garden space and, of course, the means to create bonsais.

Soon Li Bonsai Nursery has been in the business for more than sixteen years. The nursery opens at about 10.30am and closes 6.30pm daily.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.00 | The bonsai varieties ranges from as common as the water jasmine to some rare varieties and imports from Taiwan.

Just to name a few, there are Juniper, Ficus, Phyllanthus as well as Hibiscus varieties. The species, Premna microphylla is the more intriguing one among them. Its leaves can grow to up to eight inches long and can be as tiny as half an inch – and be used to create a huge bonsai or a small bonsai.

The other one which I thought is quite extra-ordinary is the Elaeagnus pungens. The underside of the leaves are silvery.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.00 | Most of the bonsais are in good condition and leaves are green. The bonsais are designed based on the style that is best suited to the shrub's natural shape.

Layout Rating: 3.75 | The bonsais are placed on pedestals and you can see them closer without needing to squat or bend down. Though so, you need to watch your steps as you examine one bonsai after another. The space is tight, hence the bonsais near you may be a obstructing your way.

Garden Products Rating: 2.00 | There are bonsai pots and supplies available.

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To view the map to Sungai Buloh Green Lane, click here.


Soon Li Bonsai Nursery
Lot 70 Jalan Subang
47000 Sungai Buloh
Tel/Mobile: 6017-848 4982 & 6012-643 1584 (Adam Lim)
Email: oxlimcheeoon@gmail.com

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Kanak Hagjer said...

Bonsai is something I haven't tried. Quite a collection in this nursery. I like the look of the pots. Whenever I see your posts on nurseries I simply fall for the pots! Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Kanak, you will make a good bonsai gardener! Bonsai is 'plant in a tray'. So it is important to get a correct and suitable pot for the bonsai for a complete overall image. Happy gardening! Stephanie

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