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How to choose stylish garden storage solutions

From wardrobes to shoe boxes; from bathroom cabinets to bedside tables, our homes are full of practical storage solutions to keep the house in order and minimise clutter. Tidy room, tidy mind – or so the saying goes, and as our outdoor space is often perceived as an extension of our homes, should the same not apply to gardens?

Garden storage is not only a good way to keep your outdoor space looking smart and tidy. Locking away electrical equipment is also an effective way to minimise hazards and storage solutions can be used to keep bikes and other expensive items out of sight.

However, practicality is not the only concern when picking out garden buildings and sheds. When it comes to decorating your home, style should go hand in hand with functionality to ensure your space is as chic and convenient as possible.

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds may be traditional but there are so many variants that they can give a garden a new lease of life as well as provide a solid, durable and natural looking storage option that blends in well with the surroundings.

Some models have a lean-to for additional sheltered storage, some have overlapping rustic slats to enhance the traditional charm and some come in shades designed to brighten up your garden and revive your outdoor space. Whichever model you choose, remember to pick up some exterior paint and wood care to keep your shed looking good as new.

Metal sheds

Since they are made in the majority of cases from galvanised steel, which is durable and resistant to cracking and abrasions, metal sheds are the perfect way to keep tools clean and safe.

Metal sheds range from smaller models to more generously proportioned versions, and some are painted green so that they blend in with the environment. Remember to get a shed base too – you can even get height adjustable bases for uneven ground.

Log cabins

Their stunning design makes garden log cabins an attractive feature for any garden and they come with a raft of great qualities, including big glazed windows and tongue and groove timbers to help insulate the building.

They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, providing relief from the sun in the summer and a warm, cosy environment during the colder months. Other outdoor wooden buildings include workshops, which often come with double doors and plenty of windows to let the light stream in.

Storage in miniature

For more compact spaces, or for those who only need to store a select few items and have no need for a shed, smaller storage options might be more suitable. These come in many forms to suit all manner of tastes and requirements.

A white resin or elegant brown rattan cushion box looks great in any garden, stores with piston operated lids can prove very handy and wall mounted tool racks are also an option. Alternatively, why not maximise the space with a plastic garden bench box?

Whether you opt for a traditional wooden shed, a gorgeous log cabin or a simple cushion box; garden buildings and storage can refresh your outdoor space and keep everything in order.

This is a guest post by Simonne Vickers.
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