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I Heart Earth Day :-D

Specially for those who are green at heart...

I just wanted to share with you, my simple and natural way of showing the green side of me ;-)

I used one of my Epipremnum aureum plants, commonly known as money plant to make this 2D heart-shaped topiary.

What you will need...

> A spool of aluminium flexible wire
> A pair of wire pliers cum bender and cutter
> A climber or creeper (I used Epipremnum aureum 'N' Joy')
> A heavy pot
> Plastic garden twist ties

How to make one...

Follow the instructions in this article of mine that was published in the NST Life & Times on 20 April 2013.

I hope you would enjoy making this Earth Day project like I did. It is my little contribution for this meaningful day :-D

Have fun!
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Sean L said...

I heart your heart-shaped Epipremnum aureum. Happy Earth Day!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

Reading this blog is really very informative. I saw that you have grown Fuschia before. How do you manage to ? I have been trying for a few times, and all died. I bought those from Sg Buloh Nursery. The keeper told me its so easy to grow them , even from cuttings and they bloom fabulously at the Nursery, but once i took it home, it was ok for a week, and then it will start to wither. I was told not to water it too often, maybe like one week thrice and let the soil dries up first before the next watering. I tried that and it also did not work. Put in the semi shade , also does not help. I think i have killed , 10 pots of it already ! Can you please advise me? Please reply me at: gabewu18@gmail.com
Thanks in advance (gabriel wu)

Stephanie said...

Hi Gabriel,

I was not able to grow Fuchsia as well! I tried a few times and I gave up. After a while, they became limp and eventually died. I think our homes just don't have the cool environment and good air circulation that Fuchsia prefers. Btw, I grew them in semi shade areas also.

Thanks for sharing!

I am going to send this reply to you via email as well.

Happy gardening!

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