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Introducing Pond Pumps

Installing a good pond pump benefits you and the eco-system, recounts Vickie Harrison in this inaugural installation of guest post, the first in a series of articles on garden solutions.

Why Pond Pumps are Good for the Environment

If you have a pond in your garden you may already be aware of how pond pumps work. But you may not realise just how good they are for your garden and, as a consequence, the environment.

How Pond Pumps Work

For those who don't know, pond pumps and filters keep the water in your pond oxygenated and circulating properly. It's a continuous process which has all sorts of direct benefits for your pond, including keeping it algae free and keep your fish alive!

Pumps also keep your water clean by filtering out anything that's not supposed to be there – this includes algae but also refers to any other junk which may have gotten into your pond water.

The internal mechanisms of all pond pumps include a motor, rotating impeller and volute, all of which work in harmony to keep your pond clean and fresh. Pumps can either be above the water’s surface or submerged, but many people choose to have a submerged pump simply because they are more reliable and look better.

A Clean Pond is a Happy Pond

There’s nothing better than having a clean pond in your garden, and it’s not just you who thinks so. Having a clean pond will confer numerous benefits on both the inhabitants of the pond and its vicinity, most noticeably by preventing your pond from turning into a dirty, sewage filled mess.

Don’t worry about a pump removing too much ‘friendly bacteria’ from your pond’s water – its surface area will prove to be a breeding ground for all sorts of nice bacteria which will help to break down any toxins in the water.

The knock-on effect of having a nice clean pond will mean that it is able to provide clean drinking water for the other inhabitants of your garden - including your beloved pets, if you have them – and it won't become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria which could potentially spread outwards and affect your garden. This is great news for the environment!

How to Maintain Your Pond Pump

Simply put, pond pumps don’t require maintenance. All you need to do is keep the filter clean and make sure the water level in your pond doesn’t fall too low if you’re using a submerged pump. After installing, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your lovely clean pond – it’s really that simple.

Vickie is a budding/beginner gardener based in the UK. In her spare time she can be found hanging out around garden centres looking for inspiration for her own small back garden that has been ruined by her big Labrador called Ernie.
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Jonas Daniels said...

Pond pumps provide several benefits for your ponds. It is important that business owners must consider using such tool to be able to make it more convenient in running their business.

Victor said...

A good pond pump is one of the big factors if you want to grow healthy fishes. Fish needs clean and fresh water that is why it is essential to provide healthy environment for them. You are right in saying that "A Clean Pond is a Happy Pond".

Lauralou said...

A clean pond is a happy pond definitely - and pond pumps help to create a clean pond and healthy environment for the fish. Not only do they look great but they help to reduce the build up of algae and nobody wants a green pond!

john smith said...

This blog is very cool!

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Tim Boettcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tim Boettcher said...

Pond pumps are an essential part of any outdoor pond. It provides much needed circulation to keep water fresh, properly oxygenated and healthy. That is why choosing the right pump is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make.

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