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Cactus Point

During my recent trip to Cameron Highlands I was able to pay a visit to several nurseries and my heart leapt with joy seeing all the wonderful plants there :-) Well, even if you are not one who enjoy gardening, you would most likely also love to see what is in store at these plant centres. The plants are all in tip-top conditions -- bright flowers and healthy leaves -- just like those in flower shows. Certainly a feast for the eyes! 

One of the stops was at Cactus Point located along the main road at Kea Farm, near Brinchang. The nursery has ample parking spaces just outside its entrance, so no problem finding a spot to park even when the main road is busy (especially during holiday seasons).

Contrary to its name, here you will be spoilt for choice by the bewildering variety of plants other than cacti.

Cactus Point opens from 9.00am to 6.00pm daily. The proprietor has been in the business for more than 30 years and retailing plants at the current location for about 6 years.

Besides selling plants, they also planted some strawberries and operate a cafe and a souvenir shop beneath the plastic roof. So for those who have friends and family members coming along but are not shopping for plants, they can always help themselves to some other activities here, hehe...

Plant Variety Rating: 4.95 | There are too many! But what stands out is the cacti and succulents and there are many big ones...

On the racks and hanging from poles above are many flowering and non-flowering annuals and shrubs. Most of them are in small pots, hence the price is good as well ;-)

Camellia plants come in various sizes, colours and varieties... very attractive!

Plant Condition Rating: 5.00 | Almost all are in excellent condition!

Layout Rating: 4.75 | All plants are placed on racks, so it's very easy to move around and checking out the plants is a breeze. The racks are about the height of a table enabling you to touch, see and even smell the flowers easily and comfortably.

Garden Products Rating: 4.50 | They have almost all kinds of garden supplies that you would need. From seeds to fertilisers to garden ornaments.

Most of the garden ornaments are wrapped up in plastics so no dust inside... clever idea ;-D

To view the map to Cactus Point @ Cameron Highlands, click here.


Cactus Point
PO Box 65, 42 Mile,
Kea Farm
39100 Cameron Highlands
Mobile: 6019-255 0068 (Choo Yew Fook), 6019-285 2239 (Choo Kiew Foong) & 6013-415 7876 (Tan)
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AaronVFT said...

Hope you've had a wonderful trip. I remember visiting this place a few years ago. Quite a nice and large nursery.

kc said...

Used to get cactus from ch, all died after few weeks!

Stephanie said...

Hi Aaron, I bought many plants from here :-D

Hi KC, every gardener kills one or two plants before ;-)

Below is the link to the article for cactus care I wrote for NST...


Sean L said...

I love this place, but due to its location, it has less visitors than the other cactus place.

Stephanie said...

Hi Sean L, less crowded makes the visit more pleasant ;-)

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