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Leong Nursery

Leong Nursery is perhaps the only nursery at Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre's Central Section that sells lots of potted bonsais. Well, at least that was what I saw when I visited this nursery that day... more bonsais than any other plants! So if you are looking for bonsais, you may want to check out this nursery.

Leong Nursery opens daily from 8.30am to 7.00pm. I was told that they have been in the business for more than 20 years.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.50 | There are lots of shrubs, all placed on racks.

Besides bonsais, other selection of plants include agave, umbrella tree, calathea, zamioculcas, aglaonema and dracaena.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.25 | Most of the plants are in pretty good condition.

Layout Rating: 4.00 | They made use of the slopes within its compound to create tiers and rows of plants. Most of their plants are placed on raised planks. Overall, the nursery looks really organised.

Garden Products Rating: 3.00 | They have some gardening supplies like pots, fertilisers and soil available at the back of the premises, all placed in the shade.

To view the map to the Sungai Buloh Leprosy Centre, click here.


Leong Nursery
No. 505 Jalan Lembah
Central Section
47000 Sg Buloh
Tel: 603-6156 4003
Fax: 603-6157 0486
Mobile: 6019-228 1350 (Iyu Chin Tiong)
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Anonymous said...

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Emel: mnp.ashwad.syazwan@gmail.com
No. Tel : 013 3630830 (En. Ashwad)

Stephanie said...

En Ashwad, noted! Thanks for the introduction. Will drop by next time I am at Gombak :-D

Anonymous said...

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