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Scenic Tropical Garden

I entered Scenic Tropical Garden nursery from the adjacent Lot 21 as there is no fence separating the two lots. Hmm... are both nurseries related to each other? Well, I didn't get to find out about this :-P

What I did find out however was that there are many wonderful plants in this nursery and also many colourful annuals at the front of its premises. I guess that piece of info is more relevant to gardeners hunting for the right plants to adorn their gardens rather than whether the proprietors are related to one another, haha...

Scenic Tropical Gardens opens from 8.00am to 6.00pm daily but on weekend, they close an hour later, at 7.00pm.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.50 | There are lots of beautiful aquatic plants, annuals, flowering shrubs, foliage shrubs and trees here.

I managed to snap pics of some really nice plants here. In the combo pic below, you will be able to see a kesidang (bottom left), a dwarf sea hibiscus (top left), an Amazon Blue (centre) and a light pink peregrina (right).

Besides beautiful flowering plants, there are many other interesting foliage plants like Norfolk Island Pine (bottom left), ornamental Musa (top left), crinum (centre) and rattlesnake plant (right).

Plant Condition Rating: 4.25 | Most of the plants are in good condition.

Here is a group of healthy looking variegated Madagascar almond trees...

Layout Rating: 3.75 | Eventhough most of the plants are placed on the ground, I was still able to browse every plant as the walkway in the centre is wide and easy to access. The branching paths are however not that easy to walk into as the plants are positioned quite near to each other.

Garden Products Rating: 3.50 | They have plastic and ceramic pots and gardening supplies at one sheltered place.

To view the map to Sungai Buloh Green Lane, click here.


Scenic Tropical Garden
Lot 22 17 Jalan Sungai Buloh
47000 Sg Buloh
Tel: 603-6157 1525
Mobile: 6012-251 2590 (Carol Chan)
Fax: 603-6157 1140
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Rosey said...

It looks like a good nursery with nice selection.
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for visiting Rosey. Yup I like their plants ;-D

Anonymous said...
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Philip Owen said...
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Philip Owen said...

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