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Hock Loke Siew Nursery

I was back at my hometown Ipoh during the Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays recently. A day before the first day of CNY, I happened to be at Greentown, the commercial hub of the city, a short distance from Ipoh Parade where Parkson Grand is located. I was told that there is a nursery around the area (actually two!) so I made a few turns to look for it and guess what... the nursery was just next to the shoplots!

As it was CNY season, many popular festive flowers and plants (all colourful and attractive!) were placed right at the entrance for the convenience of those who are doing last-minute shopping :-D

At the back of the nursery, there were dozens of foliage and flowering shrubs on display.

Hock Loke Siew Nursery opens daily from 7.30am to 7.00pm. They have been in this businesss for more than 10 years.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.25 | Besides festive plants, I saw lots other wonderful shrubs, ferns and trees in the shade as well as out in the open.

One particular plant that caught my eye was the air plants or tillandsias. They have plenty here!

I was also amazed by the wide variety of plants that have great significance for the Chinese. I was fascinated by the ornamental pepper, chrysanthemum, bromeliad, hydrangea, narcissus, sakura, pussy willow and five-finger fruit plants.

The other parts of the nursery were packed with many ornamental ferns, short shrubs, bonsai trees and orchids. I also noticed many trailing plants in hanging baskets.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.50 | Overall, the plants looked fine but those festive plants were more fresh and nice.

Layout Rating: 3.50 | The plants out in the open are placed in rows on the ground. Those in the shade are either on racks or on the ground. Some of the walking spaces were quite tight.

Garden Products Rating: 4.75 | There are plenty of garden ornaments, pots and garden supplies available here. The thing that captured my attention were those colourful pinwheels ;-)

To view the map to Ipoh Greentown, click here.


Hock Loke Siew Nursery
Lot 35156 Bandar Ipoh
Jalan Chin Choon Sam
30450 Ipoh
Mobile: 6016-533 2810, 6019-552 5533, 6012-525 6293 & 6012-552 1456 (Low Yoon Chin, Low Yoon Leong, Chan Yew Heou)
Tel/Fax: 605-243 5919
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Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! What a colourful look! I'd be most tempted to buy from such a place!You know by now that we don't have that kind of variety in our region. The pots and the garden ornaments are fabulous!!

About your question on my blog, these aglaonemas are now being introduced as the latest, the most beautiful etc, etc! I didn't buy any because it was for three hundred and fifty rupees! Maybe I'll wait for the price to come down down.;)

I got stock plants for the first time (twenty five rupees each, daffodils (Rs.50), and most plants within the hundred rupees range. I may post on these but our social life has been frenetic and I have not been able to keep up with my blog visits! I'll get in touch with you again!!
Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Kanak, those colourful aglaonemas are still a hit here. They are not cheap at all. That's why I asked ;-)

SK said...

Hi Stephanie, have you come across a nursery in Ipoh that sells outdoor sinks made of old flour stone grinder? I had visited one but can't remember which one. If you know of one in Sungai Buloh that sells it I would like to know too. Thanks.

Stephanie said...

Hi SK,

I am afraid I have not come across that type of sink before in Ipoh or Sungai Buloh.

Have you tried searching for it at the nurseries along Jalan Bercham, Jalan Gopeng and Jalan Ampang Baru 6 in Ipoh?

Warm regards,

SK said...

Thanks so much for replying
Stephanie. I plan to go to Ipoh soon to look for this place. Will go to the roads you mentioned.

pakdin chandan said...

hye boleh saya tahu adakah dikedai ini ada menjual anak pokok bonsai

Stephanie said...

I do not know, sorry. It is best to go check the place to find out.


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