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Lagenda Nursery & Landscape

I am so glad to have stopped by this nursery which is very unassuming and a great place to discover many good finds! When I entered the premises, I saw a man watering the plants. I didn't want to disturb him and just proceeded with checking and photographing the plants there.

Shortly, the proprietor Pak Yusof came to greet me and asking what I was looking for. After introducing myself, he quickly showed me all his amazing plants particularly those that he specialises in such as herb plants and bonsais.

I was assured by Pak Yusof that his price and 'authenticity' of herb plants and bonsais are the best in town ;-) He has lots of herb plants like kaempferia, delima, tacca and kemuning.

Pak Yusof hails from Langkawi and hence, his nursery is called Lagenda Nursery & Landscape. The nursery opens daily from 7.00am to 7.00pm. Although it's closed on Hari Raya Haji and Aidil Fitri, you can always find Pak Yusof at his house which is just at the back of the nursery.

He mentioned that once a lady came by late at night to buy some plants from him at his house. Besides plants, you can also find minyak gamat, air gamat and balm gamat here... yes they are from Langkawi :-D

Plant Variety Rating: 4.50 | I discovered many attractive plants. Among them include a number of nice bonsais and many herb and ornamental plants.

The billbergia pyramidalis plants were in full bloom. I was so glad to see how spectacular the flower heads were.

Below are some of the wonderful ornamental shrubs here. I especially like the bougainvillea, anthurium, philodendron, caladium and mandarin plants. All so lovely...

There were also some nice aquatic plants like these water lettuce...

Pak Yusof loves to train figure '8' on his bonsais. He says Chinese customers love this auspicious number. For his bougainvilleas, he will graft about 7 colours to one plant. Other bonsais include wrightia, kesinai and junifer. The bonsai styles are either upright, broom (payung) or cascading after years or decades of shaping.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.50 | Most of the plants are in good condition.

Grafting bougainvillea in progress...

Layout Rating: 3.75 | The nursery is not very big. Although it is packed with lots of plants, I have no problem browsing them all.

Garden Products Rating: 3.00 | They have pots, soil, feritlisers and plant accessories in stock for customers.

To view the map to the nursery, click here.


Lagenda Nursery & Landscape
56 Jalan 12/10A
Taman Batu Muda
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: 603-6188 5566 (R)
Mobile: 6012-227 1324 (Pak Yusof)
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Anonymous said...

Very nice collection of plants. I like the caladiums...so showy. Also the water plants. I only have one variety:( I enjoy going through your nursery posts and i always marvel at the plants and of course, you know, the pots!!

Stephanie said...

kanak, oh yes I know! You love to find nice pots. Btw, I also have one variety of water plant only. Happy gardening ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Mohd Azhar said...

I think i met that the old man 2-3 years back .. Is he still in a good health

Stephanie said...

Thank you for leaving me this update, Mohd Azhar. Happy gardening!

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