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Sanfong Bonsai & Art Garden

Upon arriving at this nursery, there were already quite a few cars parked infront of its entrance. Once inside, I saw a number of customers carefully inspecting and browsing the bonsai trees which came in many unique shapes and sizes. Some of them looked really like bonsai hobbyists while some (like myself!) look rather curious and certainly amazed with so many different bonsai trees.

Sanfong Bonsai & Art Garden is the second nursery that I have stepped into thus far that specialises in bonsai. It's definitely not the typical nurseries, with a diverse varieties of plants, that I normally visit and review because this is afterall a bonsai nursery!

The nursery has been operating for about 8 years and opens daily from 10.30am to 6.30pm. The operator does not have a fixed rest day. So, it is advisable to call up beforehand to check if the nursery is open on the day you want to pay them a visit.

Most of the bonsai trees are placed on racks and pedestals. The umbrella-shaped bonsai in the pic below is the most expensive... with a price tag of RM70K plus. Hefty? I agree :-)

Plant Variety Rating: 4.50 | In terms of variety of bonsai trees, there are many options available which include plant choice, shape and size.

The price of the bonsai plants here starts from RM15 per plant. The pots of sui mui (wrightia) in the pic below are good for beginners... at a comparatively much cheaper RM18 each :-D

They have interesting bonsai dish gardens in different styles.

I saw a number of medium-sized defoliated bonsai trees placed on racks and another big one on the ground. Some have started to grow leaves.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.50 | Most of the bonsai trees are in good condition.

I was really interested in the Malphigia glabra bonsai (far right in the pic combo below). The plant bears pretty pink flowers and red fruit that is high in vitamin C. Hence it's not only a pleasing bonsai but a useful one!

Some of the bonsai trees look familiar and are common shrubs that I have seen before. But all of them look really unique once styled into a bonsai.

When I checked out the upright bonsai (pic below), I was glad to find a tag that says pokok maopu (Celtis sinensis Per). Otherwise I wouldn't know the plant ID.

Layout Rating: 3.75 | It's pretty easy to walk around, browse and inspect the bonsai trees especially those on racks and pedestals. A little effort is however required to check out those that are placed on the ground. Also the plants are not grouped by types.

Garden Products Rating: 4.50 | They have plenty of bonsai products and accessories in stock. They even have figurines for dish garden ;-)

To view the map to Semenyih, click here.


Sanfong Bonsai & Art Garden
Lot 5285, Mukim Semenyih
Jalan Semenyih (Depan JPJ)
43500 Semenyih
Mobile: 6019-220 4009 (Benny Sim) & 6012-276 7550 (Fanny Lim)
Email: bonsai.benny@yahoo.com.hk
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