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Katsura Garden & Water Feature @ Garden Mart

Katsura Garden & Water Feature is one of the many plant vendors found in Garden Mart. The variety of plants that are all nicely arranged at the front of this nursery are so captivating. The popular little bird flower plants and aquatic plants are some of the interesting greens here.

Even without stepping into the nursery (when I first visited it), I was totally convinced that they have plenty of ornamental plants to offer. And while passing by the place on another day about a month ago there was a plant sales taking place.

The operating hours of this nursery are from 8.00am to 7.00pm.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | Their range of ornamental plants include trees, palms, aquatic plants, ferns and flowering shrubs.

I saw a number of aquatic plants like Mexican sword plant and water lily that were looking really nice.

The collection of bromeliads, calathea, aglaonema and alocasia were amazing!

I like the way they packaged some potted plants by matching beautiful ferns with nice pots. They were all orderly on racks for customers' convenient browsing.

If you are shopping for green ferns and nice foliage or shrubs for your garden, this is really the nursery to go to. Other than that, there were also many trees that were displayed in the open.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The condition of most of the plants are very good.

Layout Rating: 4 | The nursery has a squarish layout. The shades are built with a path in the middle. The plants are all placed on the left and right sides. I find it really interesting to walk around the nursery like that. I did not need to remember which part that I have covered... hence will not miss out on anything :-D

Garden Products Rating: 4.5 | There are a variety of gardening accessories and suppllies. Various types of fertilisers are available as well.

To view the map, click here.


Katsura Garden & Water Feature
Lot 16 & 17 Kawasan Lanskap & Nurseri
Rezab Jabatan Hutan Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Mobile: 6016-758 3111 (Wong Jin Siong)
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AaronVFT said...

Where is this? Sungai Buloh. I went to the one in Johor Bahru before. My dad found the weird anthurium and scarlet passiflora there.

Stephanie said...

Aaron, this nursery is at Garden Mart, Petaling Jaya Tropicana. Weird anthurium... serious? wow.
Btw, their plant sales to clear stock is still on.

kitchen flavours said...

This is really interesting. Will get my sis to visit this place together. You have a lovely site with lots of interesting info. Thank you!

p3chandan said...

Very attractive layout and good show of plants too! Want to pay a visit but Im a bit blur when it comes to PJ side. Might actually got lost along the way there..anyway thanks for the info Stephanie.

Anonymous said...

brapa harga untuk satu unit kaktus yg kecil ???

Stephanie said...

beberapa ringgit saja :-)

much nit said...


Anonymous said...
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