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Sanyi Enterprise @ Garden Mart

It has been quite a while since I have last been to Garden Mart to shop for plants. Well, this time was no different from the last. All the nurseries that I stepped into have good stock of plants. It's amazing to see the huge variety of plants that they have in stock if you just have the time to go from one nursery to another.

I decided to visit one that simply says 'Lot 15' on its signboard. The lady attending to me surprised me when she mentioned that they have already been in business for more than three years. Well, I must have missed this nursery during my previous visits ;-)

Sanyi Enterprise opens daily from 8.00am to 7.00pm. They specialise in live Phalaenopsis orchids and artifical flowers.

Some of the Phalaenopsis orchids a.k.a. butterfly orchids (another common name is moth orchid) that were placed in a coldroom were already nicely arranged in small pretty pots ready for customers to take away.

Plant Variety Rating: 3 | Although the nursery sells lots of live butterfly orchids, they also have some ornamental plants that occupied a few rack space located right infront of the shop.

They have some really nice creepers and trailing ferns and flowering plants.

Aside from the butterfly orchids, they have a little farm that hold a number of cattleya, oncidium and wild orchids.

The ornamental plants that I like most here are the bromeliads, staghorn ferns, hydrangeas, begonias and calatheas.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The condition of most of the butterfly orchids are really good.

Layout Rating: 4 | The nursery has a number of racks that are orderly arranged to grow orchids.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | Lots of artificial flowers and pots in different shapes and sizes are available.

For the map to Garden Mart, click here.


Sanyi Enterprise
Lot 15 Kawasan Lanskap & Nurseri
Rezab Jabatan Hutan Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Mobile: 6014-234 3094 & 6012-209 3214 (Soh Li Ling)
Email: liling.sanyi.tw@gmail.com & liling.sanyi.tw@hotmail.com
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Ann Flower said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Diane AZ said...

I like the "Lot 15" sign and enjoy looking at all those beautiful orchids. :)

muggle said...

WOW!! Very beautiful orchids. :)

antigonum cajan said...


endemismo is no longer accessible thanks to a hacker.
antigonumcajan.eveningpost.blogspot.com is the heir.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for informing Antigonum :-D

Muggle, Diane, Ann Flower, yes, the orchids were really beautiful! I like the one in light pink shade.

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