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Ngan Nursery

This is my second time passing by this area and I am glad to find this nursery which I missed the last time. In fact, this time I almost overlooked it again as I overshot and had to make a U-turn to get back to the place, and even having to cross the busy road to get into its premises. But I was so pleased I did that because upon stepping into the nursery, I made many interesting discoveries!

Ngan Nursery, which is located near the Rawang toll plaza, opens daily from 8.00pm to 6.00pm and have been in this business for about five years.

This isn't just another plant vendor. They also grow desert roses from seed and they have a large collection of desert roses from Taiwan as well as Thailand.

I spent at least an hour browsing their plants and desert roses. If you were to visit this nursery on a hot and sunny day, I suggest you bring an umbrella or a hat along as shade is limited.

This is also one of those nurseries that sells many nice aquatic and bonsai plants. I really enjoyed seeing the array of plants very much especially their desert rose collections. There are also variegated leaf- and narrow leaf-type of desert roses.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.5 | There are lots of beautiful desert roses, tropical ferns, flowering plants, shrubs, creepers and even cacti.

One shrub that stands out is croton. They have a number of variety and are all small plants.

Small potted plants are either hanging from above or placed on the racks. I saw some nice tropical pitchers at one corner of the nursery. Other exotic plants include cryptanthus, orchid and hoya.

Other wonderful shrubs that are available are costus, heliconia, frangipani, bougainvillea and dwarf poinciana.

The show stoppers are the aquatic plants. I saw many beautifuul water lilies and lotus plants.

Very near to the entrance, there are a few racks with small potted plants. The stock of plants include gerbera daisy, petunia, hoya, lantana, rose and gloxinia.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.0 | All plants are in good condition. The desert roses are growing exceptionally well.

They have a range of aglaonema and caladiums that are in superb condition.

Layout Rating: 3.75 | The desert roses are all displayed at the back of the nursery. Many popular plants are placed right at the front, like the 'little bird flower' plant. So, it is easy to find those plants.

Garden Products Rating: 3.75 | There are lots of pots but not many garden accessories.

To get to this nursery, turn right at the traffic lights after the Rawang toll plaza. To view the map, click here.


Ngan Nursery
L.M.S. No. A-6844 Jalan Kuala Garing
Batang Berjuntai
48000 Rawang
Mobile: 6019-273 3134 (Mr Ngan)
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AaronVFT said...

Looks better than nurseries here. It's so hard to find a desert rose that is NOT pink!

Diane AZ said...

So many gorgeous plants, I love your images of their aglaonema, caladiums, aquatic plants and desert roses.

LC David said...

Beautiful its nice,
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Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Stephanie said...

Hi Aaron, Diane, LC David, Hapi, yup this is an exceptional nursery. Thanks for dropping by and happy gardening!

Syafiqah Amirah said...

HI, do you know the price for orchid per pot?

Stephanie said...

Dear Syafiqah Amirah, the price varies from size to type of orchid. You can get one between RM10 and RM100 per pot.

Yus Ismail said...

Hi there.....i would to know if u sell Telosma Cordata (bunga tonkin/tongkeng) in your place?...thank u!


Stephanie said...

Sorry, Yusuf.

I do not know which nursery will have the plant now. You may try Sungai Buloh nurseries near the former Leprosy Centre.

or the nursery below at Sungai Buloh Green Lane...


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