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Taman Bunga Shou Tu

My second stop at Taman Maluri was this brand new nursery! Apparently the nursery which was previously operating somewhere else was moved to this location recently.

Right outside, at its entrance, is a signboard with the nursery's name, Taman Bunga Shou Tu. And that's all the information that I managed get after speaking to the attendants (I was told that the owner was not around that day). They were quite hesitant to talk and did not seemed very friendly. I am not sure why. Maybe too much work for this brand new nursery, I guess :-)

Once you have passed the gate and before you reach the shaded area inside the nursery, where a lot of shade-loving plants were placed, there is a huge compound with pots lining up on one side and big bonsai plants on the other side. Nearer to the shaded area, I found many sun-loving shrubs and flowering plants.

The place is quite big. At the back is a compound with more shrubs.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.5 | There are lots of beautiful tropical shrubs, ferns, creepers, pitcher and other ornamental plants.

They have medium-sized little bird flower plant and some bromeliads.

Some of the plants in hanging pots are pretty attractive. They have amazing plants like spider plant, morning glory, mandevilla and lipstick vine.

I spotted some very attractive flowering plants in small pots like gloxinia, anthurium, gerbera daisy, rose and hydrangea.

Out in the open, the plants that caught my attention were torenia, aster, canna and bird's of paradise.

I really like the variety of green ferns that they have under one of the canopy. And in front of that canopy were many beautiful crotons and other sun-loving shrubs.

They have some of the most beautiful begonias here which I admire very much. I love the condition of the plant as well. Well, I am still thinking of one of them till today... that I wished I had bought :-)

Outside, I spotted some bamboos in black bags, that were placed in ceramic pots.

There were lots of coniferous trees like the Christmas tree and oriental thuja that were looking really lovely.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.5 | Because it is newly opened, all plants are in excellent condition. The vines that were in hanging baskets were really attractive.

Layout Rating: 4 | The layout was alright except that there are patches of water everywhere. So, I was extra careful and had to walk slowly.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | I didn't see lots of accesssories except for the many ceramic pots outside, near the entrance.

To view the map, click here. The nursery is located very near to Jusco Taman Maluri.


Taman Bunga Shou Tu
Jalan Jejaka
Taman Maluri
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 6016-306 8847
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Anonymous said...

I used to come here last time. This nursery is not new. In fact they have been in this business for more than 10 years. They have moved from another plot of land on the same stretch about 6 months ago. From my experience, I agree with you that the people there are not quite friendly.

Diane AZ said...

Another interesting nursery tour. Torenia is a new flower to me, very pretty. Those begonias do look irresistible!

Stephanie said...

Anonymous, thanks for the background info.

Diane, yes I know! Begonias come in so many different shapes and beautiful colours, you just wanted to have more and more in your garden :-D

Frankie said...

Hi,just to let you know that your blog is helpful in showing the various nurseries around Cheras. These places are always there when you are not looking for anything but nowhere to be found when I needed some plants n pots.
Fortunately, your site is helpful n very informative. I got what I wanted from the 1st stop in Taman Maluri. (Copied down 5 locations)
Just to add more information to it. It's managed by two very weather worn old ladies. Pity thing is that being old, they are at the mercy of their few Indonesia staff who always talk back, refuse to take instructions n lazy at work. They run as if they own the place. I guess you must have run into them that day.
I've got the nursery tel in case any one wants: 016 3068847

Stephanie said...

Thank you Frankie! Oh you are so kind!! Glad to hear that the info here is helpful and more importantly you managed to find what you wanted :-D.

I will include the contact number in the directory page also after this. Happy gardening!!! Btw, at least you manage to get their number hehe... ;-)

Mc Ramsey said...


Are they still around?

Planning to buy a small pot of Lavender flowers.

For room fragrance.

Stephanie said...

HI, Mc Ramsey,

They should be still there but lavender flowers are hard to find.

Still, I hope they will have some potted ones for you when you are there - but don't bet on it.

Warm regards,

Mc Ramsey said...

Hi again.

I agree it's difficult to find Lavender flower in Malaysia.

Unless ordered from overseas.

How about Jasmine flower?

Easier to get in Malaysia?

Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Hi Mc Ramsey,

You can find lots of jasmine flowers or rather the flower buds at a place called Brickfields (also known as Little India of Kuala Lumpur) here.

Search on Google, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur jasmine flower market.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards,

Mc Ramsey said...


Hope this helps locating the place.


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much, Mc Ramsey.

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