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Teduhan Rimbunan Enterprise

On the fourth day of Chinese New Year (CNY), I went looking for nurseries at a non-regular place... Bukit Rahman Putra! It was a cloudy and quiet day, since many people were still not back to the city yet from their holidays :-)

There are a number of nurseries in this area but only a few were opened for business as it was probably not an auspicious day for Chinese business owners to open for business after CNY. Anyway one of the nurseries I managed to check out that day was Teduhan Rimbunan Enterprise.

I went to a little 'pondok' (hut) in the middle of the nursery and this was where I met the owner, Puan Rokiah. She then showed me the plants around the nursery and proudly pointed me to a grafted multi-colour bougainvillea bonsai that was placed right at the entrance of the nursery.

Aside from bougainvilleas, there were also lots of other attractive flowering and non-flowering shrubs like costus, rose, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, frangipani, hibiscus, canna and croton.

The nursery opens from 8.00am to 7.00pm daily. Besides retailing plants, they also provide garden and turf maintenance services.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.0 | There are lots of shrubs.

Grafting bougainvillea is the owner's specialty. There were a number of big and beautiful multi-colour bougainvillea bonsai plants that were grafted for sale that day.

I saw some pretty petunia, roses (from Thailand), grape and begonia plants in the shades.

Other than small shrubs, they also have big palms and ficus bonsai.

At the back of the nursery, I noticed some big staghorns hung on tree branches, Vietnam apple trees, grass sod and bauhinia.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.5 | The condition of most of the plants are in acceptable condition.

In the shade, there were beautiful ferns like kalanchoe, calathea, aglaonema, cordyline, dracaena and dieffenbachia.

Layout Rating: 3 | Most of the plants are out in the open except for some young plants and ferns that are placed under shades.

Garden Products Rating: 1 | There are a few pots on sale only.

To view the map, click here.


Teduhan Rimbunan Enterprise
Jalan BRP2 (Jalan Besar)
Bukit Rahman Putra
47000 Sungai Buloh
Mobile: 6019-207 3544 (Yunos Bin Ahmad)
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