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Glorious Nursery

When I stepped into this nursery, I thought I was going to finish viewing their plants very quickly as the place looked quite small from the outside. I was wrong!

As I walked around, I discovered that it was actually a rather sizeable nursery. Therefore, let me just warn you in advance that this is one huge nursery, so if you are planning to patronise this plant vendor, visit when you have plenty of time as there are plenty of ferns and shrubs to uncover!

Glorious Nursery opens daily at 9.00am and closes by 6.00pm (Monday to Friday) and 7.00pm (Saturday and Sunday). It is closed on the first and third Monday of each month.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.75 | There are a vast variety of tropical ornamental palms, shrubs, trees, climbers and ground covers.

I could not point out which plants are more prominent in this nursery due to the vast variety of both flowering and non-florwering shrubs. Anyway, I saw some nice frangipani and variegated elephant ear plants at one corner of the nursery. Besides that, there were grass sods as well.

I just love the flowering plants I saw. The sunflower, celosia, marigold and even the ixora were looking so attractive!

In the shades, I found some interesting foliage plants like staghorn ferns, alocasia, anthurium, caladium, dieffenbachia, calathea and agloanema.

The desert roses were sitting on the racks, some flowering and some not.

They also have a number of hibiscus that were very eye-catching!

For those who adore cacti, well, this is the place where you can find some average-sized cactus, yucca and euphorbia.

I noticed plenty of flowering vines too. The spider tresses, prodranea and duranta were all flowering.

In the open, the space is well stocked with sun-loving shrubs - leaves in a variety of shapes and colours.

Plant Condition Rating: 4.0 | The condition of most of the plants are pretty good. Just look at the water lilies in the pic below... they were looking so bright and cheery.

Layout Rating: 4.0 | From the entrance to the back of the nursery, all plants are neatly arranged in groupings.

I just like how they built shades using wood that has been weather-seasoned but still looking strong. The shades are used to provide shelter to those plants which could not tolerate the scorching sun.

All plants placed on racks were orderly arranged and they are very easily browsed and checked. The aisles may be a bit rocky but if you have proper shoes on, then you will have no problem to complete check the whole nursery.

They have many plants that are placed in the open, all in groupings as well. Some even have borders built around them.

Garden Products Rating: 4.5 | There are are even garden tools on sale. The nursery is well stocked with a wide variety of decorative gardening items, ceramic pots, plastic pots and fertilisers.

The nursery is located in Bandar Sunway, indirectly opposite Sunway Pyramid. It can be seen from the New Pantai Expressway. To view the map, click here.


Glorious Nursery
2A Jalan PJS 10/1
Taman Subang Indah
46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-5635 2900
Fax: 603-5635 4683
Mobile: 6012-387 7362
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Diane AZ said...

Glorious Nursery is the perfect name for that garden center! The hibiscus and water lilies are stunning.

Stephanie said...

Diane, it's one of those nurseries that has plenty to offer :-D

akmar nordin said...

You are so blessed Stephanie. You lucky woman -- you get to visit these Garden of Eden regularly. Its good for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Hi akmar nordin, that's so true! I would say if anyone wanted to destress or just do not know where to go... go to one nursery to look at those lovely plants and flowers. They have calming effects on us. And yes, good for the soul :-D

Alexander Lee said...

I see this nursery , but how do I get to it? Can anyone give directions?

Stephanie said...

Alexander Lee, it is opposite Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall @ Bandar Sunway, PJ :-)

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Anonymous said...

Exact location of this nursery

3°04'24.8"N 101°35'55.6"E
3.073550, 101.598779


Stephanie said...

Hi, thank you for giving the exact location of this nursery. Happy gardening and you have a great day!

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