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Lum Chin Orchid Garden

Lum Chin Orchid Garden is a nursery that is not very conspicuous and I would have missed it altogether if I had not been told about it beforehand. So thanks to one of my readers who has recommended me this amazing orchid farm.

Although they are mainly involved in wholesale business, the farm is also opened to walk-in customers, from 8.00am to 5.00pm daily.

It was indeed a delightful experience to discover this beautiful four-acre orchid farm, behind a rather unattractive-looking fence and beneath the black nursery nets. Compared to other orchid farms that I had previously visited, it is not really that huge but for a farm that is situated in the city, it is considered sizeable.

Lum Chin Orchid Garden has been at this same spot for some 50 years ago nd it is a legacy that was passed down for three generations. The grandfather of its present owner was the founder of the nursery.

The operators are also orchid breeders and growers themselves. They grow orchid from seed and tissue culture using the flasking method. Hence they supply seedlings for blooming orchid plants as well as a wide range of orchid hybrids and species to their customers.

It normally takes a number of years and it is a tedious process for an orchid plant to mature/bloom from seed or tissue culture.

The pics below show flasks that were placed above young plants that have already been replated into community pots after deflasking.

I was so, so pleased to have seen all these, in real!

Plant Variety Rating: 4.75 | Many orchid hybrids and species are available at this farm.

I had an educational tour of the place by ST Lum who not only showed me around the nursery but also taught me the various types of orchids that they have, like dendrobium, vanda, oncidium, cattleya and other special species. Their orchid crops are either their own breeds and local Malaysian orchids or imported orchids from Thailand, Taiwan etc. The orchids are then exported to other countries, some as far as the USA.

They have lots of novelty, jungle and imported orchids (originating from Mexico) as well as vanilla plants.

Come Chinese New Year, their tiger orchids (they have mini ones too!) would definitely be one of the popular plants on sale. So, mark your calendar!

Plant Condition Rating: 4.5 | Most of the orchids are in good condition.

Layout Rating: 4.5 | All orchids are placed on racks and hung from above, and are arranged orderly in rows. Hence it is very easy to move around.

The nursery net not only provides shade for the orchids but for customers as well :-D

Garden Products Rating: 3 | For walk-in customers, they have nursery net and some orchid supplies.

To view the map on how to get there, click here.


Lum Chin Orchid Garden Sdn Bhd
Lot 1872 Jalan Selesa Sembilan
Taman Gembira
Jalan Kuchai Lama
Batu 4.5 Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7983 3436
Fax: 603-7987 6673
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Antigonum Cajan said...

I find so natural to evaluate nurseries or anything related to gardening that I still have difficulties
to understand why you seem the only one interested in
doing it.
Do owners give you any feedback after your reviews?
Congratulations for such original stance. No one
else does it over here, or in USA, at least I do not
know of any...

Stephanie said...

Antigonum Cajan, some of them do thank me for reviewing their nursery ;-) They also realise that their nursery can be accessed by many via internet after that. My reviews are open for comments. I hope to encourage more sharing of ideas etc. for more gardening cum 'greening' awareness and exceptional tropical gardens here.

EK Tan said...

Thanks for providing the informative review. The photographs are very well taken - sharp and clear.

Stephanie said...

EK Tan, thank you for recommending me to this wonderful orchid farm :-D Have a very happy new year!

philippine flowers said...

Thank you so much for those lovely photos that was really fabulous orchid I am so amaze! :)


katie said...

thank you for sharing this great orkid nursery. I brought my mat salleh friend Sunday and he is just amazed with well take care of the nursery :)

Stephanie said...

Don't mention and thanks for your feedback Katie! Have a great week :-D

Poesy said...

I want to go now! Thank you for this review, I know nothing about orchids but I need some indoor plants in my art studio to clean the air and have decided that orchids would be the best.

Stephanie said...

Hi Poesy, don't mention it! I hope your visit to this orchid farm will be a memorable one. Dendrobium orchids are easy to take care and flowers regularly :-) Cheers, Stephanie

Herry Johnson said...

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Arunas said...

Can i get your e-mail??

Stephanie said...

Sorry, Arunas. They did not share their email address.

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