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K.C. Landscape Services

I passed by K.C. Landscape Services, at the Selangor Green Lane, quite a number of times previously and had noticed many young vegetable plants like brinjal and lady's finger outside the premises. But on the day that I finally visited this nursery, they have sold out all their vegetable plants and due to the rainy season they have not replenish their stock. If you are keen on vegetable plants and would like to get young plants, this is the nursery to visit.

K.C. Landscape Services also provide garden maintenance and landscaping services. The nursery opens from 8.00am to 7.00pm daily.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | Though the nursery does not seem to be very big, they have lots of interesting plants to offer.

I saw many pots of anthuriums in a variety of colours placed on racks right at the entrance.

Below those rows of racks are some new plants.

There were many varieties of green ferns like money plant, cordyline, alocasia, aglaonema, palm, calathea, syngonium, dieffenbachia, dracaena, staghorn fern and plants. The aglaonema being the most outstanding with many in big pots hanging from above and on the racks.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | All plants are in good condition.

Layout Rating: 4 | As you walk through the nursery, there are plants placed on top, above and below the racks. But it is easy to check every plant as there are ample walking space :-)

Garden Products Rating: 4 | There are lots of pots, seeds and gardening accessories. They also sell microbe soil and fertiliser.

Click here for the map.


K.C. Landscape Services
Lot 66 Jalan Sungai Buloh-Subang
Selangor Green Lane
47000 Sungai Buloh
Mobile: 6012-321 1127 (Jolene Tan)
Fax: 603-6140 4977
Email: kcland@gmail.com
Web: www.professional-landscaper.com
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muggle said...

It recalled that I used to visited a place like this in Germany. Not only plants but birds and fish etc, a very intersting place and could take me a lot of time to stay there.

Anonymous said...

I love these nursery visits that you write about, Steph. Our nurseries here do not have such interesting details. Like different kinds of pots on display too. But the plants? I'm happy with most of them!

Stephanie said...

Muggle, how fascinating!

Kanak, yup, those interesting details make our shopping experience more delightful :-D

Viagra Online said...

I'd like to pass around Landscape Services because I can see they have excellent plants there in order to creating my dreamed garden.

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