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Serdang Nursery

Last weekend, I decided to recce Serdang/Seri Kembangan area for nurseries to visit. I stopped by at some shops to enquire if there are any nurseries around there.

A shop assistant told me that there is one opposite an Indian temple. The nursery she pointed me to is called Serdang Nursery.

Like any other nurseries, this one is also situated below high tension cables. I was told before that the land below tension cables are normally approved for nursery business. So if you are thinking of opening a nursery, please take note of this :-)

Serdang Nursery opens from 9.30am to 6.30pm daily except Monday.

Plant Variety Rating: 4.5 | Mostly popular tropical trees, palms, shrubs, trees, ferns, climbers and ground covers.

While I was there I noticed lots of seedlings, young and mature adenium (desert rose) on racks. The nursery owner explained that they specialise in adenium plants, also known as fu gui hua in Chinese.

Their seeds are mostly from Taiwan. Aside from seeds, they bring in young adenium plants from that country too.

One adenium that I was interested in was the mini adenium that they have when I was there. They had only one pot to show me but I was taken aback by its RM110 pricetag. The nursery owner added that it was actually an old price which means that the price now is even higher!

I was told they used to have white, pale pink and white centre/pink border ones. Apparently they also kept some stocks at another place.

I spotted patches of grass here as well.

One flower plant that caught my attention at this nursery was dahlia. They have white, orange pink and purple white ones. I saw very nice hibiscus and mandevilla as well as the currently popular pedilanthus 'little bird' plant too.

Other beautiful plants like roses, bromeliad, anthurium, vinca, impatiens and gerbera daisy are also available here.

Some nice plants like the nepenthes pitcher plants and lipstick vine in hanging baskets could also be seen.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.75 | All plants are in reasonably good condition.

They also have lots of popular fern plants like sword fern, money plant, aglaonema, palm, calathea, syngonium, dieffenbachia, staghorn fern and spathiphyllum plants.

Layout Rating: 3.5 | The aisles are quite narrow to walk through. Some, at certain parts of the nursery, are quite tight hence rather difficult to move around to browse the plants.

Garden Products Rating: 4 | There are lots of ceramic pots, plastic pots and garden accessories, all placed on racks. They sell Growell organic fertiliser and seeds as well.

Serdang Nursery is located along the very busy Serdang/Seri Kembangan main road, near Jalan Maktab. Click here for the map.


Serdang Nursery
Below High Tension Cable
Jalan Maktab
43300 Seri Kembangan
Mobile: 6019-342 2587 (Mr Wong Hean Khoon)
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Anonymous said...

hello..i'm muhaimin from hexagon green..we sell used plastic potted in large quantity especially for commercial grower..price from rm0.40-rm0.90 according to size..if interested can contact me at 0193727419..

Anonymous said...


I wanted to inquire about exporting small lots of Agathis Borneensis seeds to the US and needed a supplier. Can you please help? I have already secured a permit in the US for their importation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Westly Schmidt

Stephanie said...

Dear Westly Schmidt,

Sorry I do not sell seeds. Nevertheless, I hope those who come across your message here will write to you directly.


Jason Teoh said...

Hi Stephanie, do you sell agathis borneensis tree ?

Jason Teoh said...

Hi Stephanie, If you sell agathis borneensis tree kindly sms me at 0126934783. I am interested and I m in Subang. Thx

Stephanie said...

Hi Jason,

Nope I don't sell trees. Contact this nursery...

Hope they can help you.

Happy growing trees :-)


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SHARIFAH said...

hello, i'm Sharifah, a final year student from UPM (fac. of engineering)...i want to ask you some questions;
1. do you sell "pokok pandan (scientific name :Pandanus amaryllifolius)" and "pokok pecah beling(scientific name : Strobilanthes crispus)"? because i need these two types for my Final year project..
2. do you sell loam soil and silica sand and how much they cost per bag?

If you sell all above, please kindly sms me at 013-4864468. I am really interested to know about it..for your information, i'm currently at Kolej 11, UPM.. :-)

Stephanie said...

Hi Sharifah,

See my reply to your message via Fb :-)


Anonymous said...

Hai im sha...im a student from upm. I want to ask you some question. Im working on a research project and there was a chemical that i need for a media. It is called single super phosphate (ssp). I did some research on the chemical and it state that is is some kind of a fertilizer. So, is it a fertilizer and do you sell this?

Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Sorry, I don't sell this. Btw, Phosphate, P2O5, refers to the ionic compound containing two atoms of phosphorus with five atoms of oxygen. The phosphorus content of fertilizers is measured in percent phosphate. P (Phosphorus) is a primary nutrient in plant growth.

HAMIZAH MH said...

Hi,im iza. I want to ask..do you sell guinea grass seed?

Stephanie said...

Hi, Hamizah MH,

Try to look for the seeds on online stores like eBay.


Khogie Anne said...

Hi. I wanted to get a rose plant to be given as a wedding anniversary gift to my parents. please advise if you have rose plant (with blossomed flowers (red or pink) where i need you to help to plant them in one white pot.

Stephanie said...

Hi Khogie Ane,

Wow! That is a good idea!! If you are urgently looking for one, you can just check out any Aeon Jusco or the Cold Storage supermarkets. Most of the time they will have the mini-roses in red or pink. Otherwise, go to one nursery near you and you will be able to find a rose plant. Rose is quite popular nowadays and I am sure you can find one. Then plant it in a white pot of your choice.


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