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Last weekend, I paid a second visit to Delima Tani, one of the nurseries at Selangor Green Lane, Sungai Buloh. While there I had a good converstion with the nursery owner, Albert Goh, and his wife. Well, I discovered that they certainly know all their plants very well :-)

At first I was only interested to find out more about his flower promotion that's coming up in the first and second weekend of December. If you love flowering plants like Dianthus, Cosmos, Marigolds, Melampodium, Petunia, Verbena, Portulaca, Aster and Vinca, mark your calendar now. They are all fresh from the farm.

Many times when I visit a nursery, I would stumble upon places that I am not allowed to enter.

This time round, not only do I get to see what's behind a 'No Entry' post, I managed to get an insight of what's growing (or cooking!) at this nursery.

While most parts of the nursery are stocked up with plants that are offered to customers, there is a section that is allocated for growing seeds. I saw many seedlings that were on the racks that day. Most of the plant names that I spotted on the tags are rather new to me. Once this seedlings mature, they will be ready for consumers, like us, to buy.

If you are crazy over the current popular little bird plant, you may want to have a Red-bird plant (pic below) that is from the same family. Some of us may remember this plant during our younger days. I think it was popular in the 1970's. Hmm... if you know what I am talking about, you may have just revealed your age :-)

The other special plant that is almost ready to go to the shelves that day was the Lucky Twisted Grass. The grass is visually appealing with its straight and twisted foliage.

Angelonia 'serena' (pic below) is another attractive dainty plant that will surely win the hearts of many.

Click here to find your way to Delima Tani.

I hope that you find this news interesting, as I did. What nurseries are buying and growing are what we, consumers, are going to have later in our gardens. Agree?

I congratulate Delima Tani for having a special interest in growing plants from seeds, for this way we can have greater choices, varieties and species! Their efforts are definitely going to make gardening more interesting for us!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Stephine
Most of the plant nursery operators do not know the proper botanical names of ornamentals.
They simple give a name as they like. It is a very sad thing that happens in this country.When I was in Perth every nurserymen know will tell you the family name and the common name of the plants in their the nursery