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Houz Depot @ Plaza Pelangi Astana

When I learn of a new home centre, I would be very excited to want to know what's new and what are the things available for gardeners there.

Houz Depot opens daily from 9.00am to 9.00pm.

I made many wonderful discoveries here. They have a gardening section right at the entrance and the first thing I noticed were the many variety of seeds in packets hanging on one of the racks.

There were also water fountain and sandstone products on display.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.5 | A number of flowering potted plants like rose, kalanchoe, daisy, anthurium and African violet as well as ferns, hoyas, cacti and bromeliad can be found in this store.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The plants all look healthy and good such as the lipstick vine below.

Layout Rating: 3.5 | Though a section of the store is dedicated to gardening products, the items are divided. For example, seeds are displayed in two spots. So, when you visit the store, go check out the entire gardening section first before deciding what to buy. Nonetheless, all items are neatly displayed on racks and on the floor.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | There are a good selection of fertilisers and gardening products like pots, spaghnum moss, rooting powder and soil. A number of garden tools and ornaments are sold here too.

Updated on 1 March 2010: Latest products available at Houz Depot...

Houz Depot brings you a huge range of gardening accessories and ornaments from Swishz collection that makes planting easier and funfilled. From PE plastic pots to ceramic planters and flower vases, they are not only attractive in assorted colours and designs, but also weatherproof to efectively withstand fading and sunshine. Enhance the botanical charm with its series of well-designed trellises, garden arches, plant holders, stakes and fences, to make your garden look truly fascinating. Also available at Houz Depot adequate selection of gardening tools, live plants and oriental decor for your easy shopping all under one roof!

Furnish your exterior space with the outdoor furniture from Poshz collection which exquisitely makes use of wrought iron, glass and anti-UV extra thick PVC rattan, and timelessly express aesthetic value through the curly and curvy design and the workmanship.

For directions, please click here.


Houz Depot Sdn Bhd
Plaza Pelangi Astana
PJU6, Persiaran Surian
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7726 6768
Fax: 603-7725 7268
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Anonymous said...

I've just came back from Houz Depot yesterday, and I find the place a truly eye-opening experience. They really have lots and lots of stuffs there.

I was looking for furnitures, but ended up buying tools, gardening accessories and even paints.


Stephanie said...

Happy gardening and making your home beautiful! :-D

Stanley Young said...

Just stopped by Houz Depot PJ outlet yesterday. It seems they have expanded in size from the previous time I visited them 5 months ago.

From what I can see, they have a lot more electrical and audiovisual products in their store this time.

But as far as gardening tools is concerned, I'm still impressed with their varieties. Their flower & plant pots are impressive. And so are their outdoor decors for gardens.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Stanley for sharing what you saw at Houz Depot :-D

Andrew Deacon said...

I was at Houz Depot too. Their range of gardening accessories are really vast. And they have many renowned brands too.

Was drawn to their turbo trimmers, hose reel sets, and plant pots.

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