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Barokah Landscape

As I was cruising along the busy LPD Sepang, after spending the weekend at Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi two weeks ago, I noticed an unpretentious nursery and quickly turned in to check it out. Barokah Landscape opens from 8.00am to 7.00pm daily and has been operating here for about four years.

I found some interesting stocks here. The operator also propagates plants.

Besides plants, Barokah Landscape also retails pergolas and water fountains and provides garden maintenance, turfing and landscaping services.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.5 | About 100 types of ferns and flowers can be found here.

While there I saw a number of plants like petunia, staghorn and sword ferns in hanging baskets.

There were also a variety of young bougainvillea, coleus and euphorbia plants.

The bromeliads, begonia, anthurium, dwarf hibicus and episcia are found in this nursery as well. Other than that, they also sell calathea, dieffenbachia, alocasia and aquatic plants like water lettuce.

I found some young pulasan fruit trees at the back of the nursery. They have two types of interesting pitcher plant and a type of epiphytic jungle cacti here.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.5 | Most of the plants are in fairly good condition.

They have some nice young coleus, alternanthera, euphorbia, cordyline, costus, pitcher plant, dieffenbachia and aglaonema.

Layout Rating: 3.5 | As most of the plants are properly arranged on racks and in plots, it is easy to move around the nursery. The aisles are clear and easy to walk on.

Garden Product Rating: 2 | There are a number of ceramic pots right at the entrance of the nursery.

The nursery is located opposite Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. To view the map, click here.


Barokah Landscape
Jalan LPD Sepang
Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi
43900 Sepang
Mobile: 6013-960 4353 & 014-263 9219 (En Daud)
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