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United Malaysian Orchids

When I arrived at United Malaysian Orchids, the first thing that came to mind was that it looks like KL Orchid Garden, except that this one is much bigger and is one awesome orchid nursery. There are orchids of all kinds and colours spread across this 10-acre nursery.

The nursery opens everyday, even during Chinese New Year, from 8.00am to 7.00pm. The owner was operating from Subang for more than 20 years before relocating to its present premises in Rawang about 10 years ago.

According to a worker here, the nursery used to be closed during Chinese New Year until one time, years ago, when a Caucasian man climbed over its gates to get into the nursery. The man apparently wanted to get his wife some flowers but all the florists in town were closed! That was the last time the nursery closes during this annual festive holiday as the owners realised that many people like to buy flower plants to celebrate festivities.

Many customers buy orchids in bulk as gifts during festive seasons instead of hampers etc.

Plant Variety Rating: 5 | More than 500 types of orchids. There are also some anthuriums at the front portion of the shop/office area.

You will be spoilt for choice by the varieties and colours on offer at this nursery. The pics below show just some of the orchids found here. I am not sure of some of their names as there are no plant tags. But I am sure if you are an orchid lover, you would probably know which type of orchids they are.

For promotion, the owners participate in many floral and orchid exhibitions throughout the country, the last one being Floria 2009 at Putrajaya (where I met them).

At the nursery many young plants from Taiwan, Thailand and elsewhere are purchased for growing and propagating.

Plant Condition Rating: 5 | The general condition of the plants are excellent. The flowers are well formed and their colour vivid. The leaves and roots are in very good shape.

Layout Rating: 5 | The plants at the front portion of the place are all ready for sale as they are in bloom. They are hung and placed on racks for easy browsing.

At the back and other parts of the nursery, you will find beds of orchids, all at different growing stages, placed on the ground and on racks.

If you have time, you can easily move around the covered nursery to see the seemingly unending rows and rows of orchids being grown here.

Garden Products Rating: 3.5 | There are a variety of ceramic and plastic pots.

Click here for the map. To get there turn left at the traffic lights after exiting the Rawang toll plaza. The nursery is located near the turning into Jalan Tasik Puteri.


United Malaysian Orchids Sdn Bhd
Lot 988 Batu 23, Jalan Batu Arang
48000 Rawang
Tel: 603-6093 2000 & 6093 3000
Fax: 603-6093 5000
Mobile: 6012-664 9339 (Ms Kok Wai Han)
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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!!!
I was at the Subang premises many years ago, where the extension was probably smaller, but I remember the great variety of different plants and the kindness of Mr. Lim Kong Wing and Mr. Erik Kok.
Greetings from Argentina :)

angga ajizuhri said...

i like to flawor the orchid garden from anang lombok indonesia

angga ajizuhri said...

hai.....mskok wai han and mr. erik kok inget tak ama i

Yee said...

First time to the nursery and I was in awe and speechless to see thousands of orchid plants displaying in the farm.
Love it very much!

Stephanie said...

Yup, just like what you see in an orchid show :D

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