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Paradise Nursery & Auntie Yok @ Garden Mart

Paradise Nursery and Auntie Yok (both owned by the same family) are located opposite each other at the Garden Mart. They are opened daily from 8.00am to 7.00pm and have been in this business for the past 38 years!

Paradise Nursery supplies Balinese garden landscape services, pergolas, rock garden products and even exotic animals to grace one's garden. They specialise in koi ponds, marine fish filters and sea water fish tanks (for restaurants) with marine,
arowana and koi fish, coral reefs, aquatic plants and filter systems.

Plant Variety Rating: 3.5 | More than 50 types of tropical ornamental shrubs, trees and climbers as well as aquatic plants, ranging from young to mature in terms of age.

At the entrance of this nursery, there are a number of bougainvilleas. As you step into the nursery, you will find a shaded aisle overlooking a beautiful garden with a pond showcasing their services and products. Garden ornaments like sculptures of animals, birds and human figurine fountains can be seen here.

Some of the plants here include thuja orientalis, cordyline, pitcher plant, ficus ginseng, croton, never-never plant, anthurium, monster fruit plant, crasula, aglaonema, philodendron, cacti, evodia and cherry banyan.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The plants are generally in fine-looking condition. I noticed that the bromeliad, anthurium and water lily look quite healthy and nice.

Layout Rating: 4 | The layout of this nursery is good with plants neatly arranged on racks and on the ground. Some big trees like ficus bonsai and cycas are placed at the garden.

Garden Products Rating: 4 | There are a variety of ornamental ceramic and aquatic pots and hardscape products like fountains, pergolas, filter systems, concrete slabs and gravels.

While Paradise Nursery offers project-based services, Auntie Yok focuses on retailing plants and garden products. At its entrance, there are many small plants like thuja orientalis, Brazilian red hot alternanthera, bleeding heart, firebush, jatropha and croton.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | More than 100 types of tropical ornamental palms, shrubs, trees, climbers, ground cover as well as aquatic plants. Mostly young or in-between in terms of age.

I also found a variety of succulents, shrubs and trees like red leaf maple tree, medinila, snake plant, croton, dieffenbachia, dracaena, philodendron, ficus bonsai, euphorbia milii, alocasia and aglaonema.

They also sell water loving plants, canna and palms.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | The plants are generally in good condition.

Layout Rating: 4 | The layout is good. Plants are hung and arranged on racks and on the ground. Except for those plants at the entrance, the rest of the plants are placed under a shaded area.

Garden Products Rating: 4 | There are a variety of ornamental ceramic and plastic pots, aquatic pots, garden decorative items, soil and fertilisers.

Garden Mart is located next to Merchant Square. For directions, click here.


Paradise Nursery & Auntie Yok
Lot 4 & 26 Kawasan Lanskap & Nurseri
Rezab Jabatan Hutan Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Mobile: 6012-202 2717 & 237 6663 (Wei)
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Blog Joker said...

joker here

vuejardin said...

Which channel did you watch Martha Stewart show?

Stephanie said...

I watch Martha Stewart shows via a local channel (NTV 7) here but they are a year old (not recent/latest ones).

DeKing said...
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Anonymous said...

I love Brazilian red hot !!!

Aishah Radhiah Abdullah said...

I want to ask you if you need a worker at your nursery?
I will complete my practical training soon, I am looking for a job related to my field of landscape management

Stephanie said...

Dear Aisha,

Approach the nursery directly. Perhaps call or write to them first.

Best regards,

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