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Green Homes Garden & Nursery

Located along the busy Jalan Batu Arang, Green Homes Garden & Nursery is one of the nurseries where you can find some lovely potted flowers and shrubs like rose, jasmine, peace lily and anthurium. Besides that there are also some fascinating bushes like fountain plants and palms.

The nursery opens daily from 9.00am to 7.00pm except on Tuesdays when it closes at 2.00pm. When I was at the nursery, the owner was not in but fortunately there were two very helpful gardeners around.

Apart from retailling plants, they also do turf planting, garden designing and landscaping works.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | More than 100 types of tropical ornamental palms, shrubs, trees, climbers, ground covers and aquatic plants. Mostly young or in-between in terms of age.

I found one ginger plant that looked very interesting while I was there.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.5 | Some plants look very fresh while some are average in condition.

There are some nice vinca, nong nooch vine and creeping melastome plants in hanging baskets.

Layout Rating: 4 | Most of the plants are placed on racks under shade nets. One can easily view the rose, begonia, anthurium, chrysanthemum, fern, peace lily and staghorn plants on display.

Garden Products Rating: 4 | There are a variety of ornamental ceramic and plastic pots and aquatic pots.

Also available are some wood products like garden bird house, swing, lounge chair and ornaments that are made in-house.

For directions, click here. The nursery is located about two kilometres from the Rawang toll plaza.


Green Homes Garden & Nursery
Lot 1330, Jalan Batu Arang
Sungai Bakau
48000 Rawang
Mobile: 6012-383 7321 (Mr Geoffrey Tan)
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vuejardin said...

I drop Google ads from my blog this week because they are bad. Did you notice it'd ads-free now?
Since you have so many nursery reviews, do you ever think to get them to advertise on your blog?

Stephanie said...

VueJardin, no, I didn't notice that. TQ for telling me. I really hope that those nurseries would advertise here. Actually, here is another avenue for them for some good exposure and for me to have some return for invested time and transportation expenditure :-) Nonetheless, I am glad to know that I have a number of readers like yourself that are gardening and have great interest in greening your homes. Happy shopping for some good plants the next time you are at a nursery!

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