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Ukay Nursery

I was at Ampang recently looking for a nursery to visit. I went all the way to Taman Rimba Ampang at Bukit Belacan and asked around if there is any nursery nearby. I was told that there is none there but there is a big one at Ulu Klang.

Following the directions given by a helpful gentleman, I headed to Ukay Nursery, located at Taman Pinggiran Ukay.

There, I found many amazing plants that were rarely found at other nurseries I had visited. I ended up buying two beautiful young bromeliad plants from Zeti, the daughter of the owner. I must say that she charged me very reasonably :-)

Zeti's father has been in the nursery business for more than 30 years while this nursery has been there for about 10 years now. Besides Taman Pinggiran Ukay, they also have two other nurseries at Taman Keramat. I was told that they have a joint-venture business in Dubai also.

Ukay Nursery opens from 9.00am daily. On Monday to Thursday, it closes at 6.00pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 7.00pm. It's closed on Fridays and for two days each year during Hari Raya.

Besides retailing plants, they also provide landscaping and rock garden services. They have nursery farms in Sepang and Malacca and at this nursery itself, I found many young plants that were and are being propagated.

Plant Variety Rating: 5 | More than 500 types of orchids, flowering shrubs, ferns, palms, trees and aquatic plants (Zeti told me they actually have thousands of plants!).

Here they have the largest stock of bromeliads (especially air plants from the Tillandsia genera) I have ever come across among the many nurseries I have visited thus far. After the visit, I did a search on bromeliad and found that there are about 8 common cultivated genera i.e. Aehmea, Billbergia, Cryptanthus (never knew that this is also a bromeliad!), Dyckia, Guzmania, Neoregelia, Tillandsia and Vriesea.

There are a number of cacti and kalanchoes with very interesting patterns and shapes.

At one part of the nursery, I spotted some desert roses.

Aquatic plants are found in this nursery too.

There are anthurium in different shades.

All time favourites like frangipani, rose, rangoon creeper, glorybush, senduduk, powder puff flower and java gloryblower plants are also available.

I was impressed by the many nice-looking donkey's ear kalanchoes in hanging basket.

The orchids here are imported from Taiwan.

I noticed also some Dorstenia congo figs (a plant with weird flowers).

Plant Condition Rating: 3.5 | The plants are generally in decent condition. The bromeliads are all in astounding condition though!

Even the senduduk, brinjal and rubber plants here are in pretty good shape.

Layout Rating: 3 | Though the plants are all over the place - some hung, some on the ground and some on racks - they have quite an interesting 'landscaped trail'.

There are even stairs to climb, verandah that overlooks a little pond and paths with a lot of fascinating plants to discover.

Products Rating: 3 | There are a number of ornamental ceramic and plastic pots. Some seeds are available for sale as well.

For directions, click here. The nursery can be seen from Jalan Ulu Klang (Middle Ring Road 2), next to the Shell petrol station, with its entrance at the back.


Ukay Nursery (Ukay 3)
Lot 307 Jalan Pinggiran 1
Medan Damai Ukay
Taman Pinggiran Ukay
Hulu Kelang
68000 Ampang
Mobile: 6019-231 7623 & 223 3492 (Tuan Hj Ithinin @ Ismail Bin Husin) 018-317 2090 (Zetty)
Tel: 603-4257 5484
Fax: 603-4252 3128
Email: ukay_nursery3@yahoo.com & zack_7008@yahoo.com

Ukay 2 - Setiawangsa branch
Lot 1 Laluan TNB
Jalan AU 1A/1
Taman Keramat Permai
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-4256 0346

Ukay 1
HK 159 Jalan AU 3/1
Taman Sri Keramat Tengah
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-4256 6535
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jules said...

wow, looks like a great place to buy something new and different for the garden.

vuejardin said...

The have nice aquatic plants

Stephanie said...

Yup, this nursery really has its own appeal ;-)

mazlin said...

waw mkin cntik ne nursery dlu taime sy pritikel best ga la.......sne...abang ujang mcm mne sihat ke? abang bop ade aramaiteee....sabah mari.....mazlin

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot abou this place. I pass it everyday!

Stephanie said...

Hope you'll find something interesting there ;-)

Anonymous said...

do they sell herbs?

Stephanie said...

Hi, recently I saw lots of Western potted herb plants at these two nurseries...



Anonymous said...

Did you find any fig plants?

Stephanie said...

Hi, no I didn't notice any fig plants at this nursery when I was there.

Zack ukay's said...

We have figs plants but not for Sale yet. Still in research

Stephanie said...

Hi Zack ukay's, thanks for letting me know. Here is wishing you success in the fig plant research. I look forward to receiving your updates :-)

Mc Ramsey said...

Hi Stephanie.

I am planning to go there this week.

Planning to buy Jasmin, Snake Plant and possible Lavender if available.

Stephanie said...

Happy shopping, Mc Ramsey.
If those plants are not available when you are there, you may want to ask if they can help you find them ;)

Sheila said...

Hi Stephanie,

Did you have outlet in malacca selling colourful air plant?

Stephanie said...

Hi Sheila,

Call the nursery to find out. Their number is in the post.

Warm regards,

Sam said...

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Unknown said...

hi stephanie...
zetty here...
long time not see you...
this is my new number 018-3172090..
you must come at my another shop...

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Zetty! I will visit and have updated your mobile number in my record here accordingly. Happy selling plants :)

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