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Suria Nursery Enterprise

Suria Nursery Enterprise is located near The Curve, along Persiaran Surian. Besides selling plants, the owner also offer landscaping service.

This nursery has been in operation since 2001 and opens daily from 9.00am to 8.00pm.

While there I spotted a number of frangipani trees, even from the outside, in various colours such as white, burgundy/orange, pink/yellow, dark pink and white/yellow.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | About 100 types of tropical ornamental palm, shrubs, trees, climbers, ground cover as well as aquatic plants. They range from young to mature in terms of age.

Bougainvilleas are available, in pots and various colours, here.

I also noticed a number of matured yucca and cycas trees.

Some croton trees in different leaf shapes...

A few desert roses...

And a number of snake plants, monastery bamboos and ficuses.

Besides the above, I also found a brinjal plant!

Ferns like dracaena, calathea, staghorn and money plant are placed undershade.

They also have flower plants like allamanda, jatropha, orchid, musseanda, canna, balsam, lantana, fringe flower etc.

You can also find other trees and shrubs like thuja orientalis, acalypha wilkesiana, coleus, aglaonema, codyline, deffenbachia, caladium, costus, heliconia and hamelia patens here.

Plant Condition Rating: 3.5 | The condition of most plants here are fairly good.

Layout Rating: 3.5 | The front portion of the nursery is quite organised while the back looks like a storehouse. Some plants are hung while mostly are arranged on racks and on the ground.

Garden Products Rating: 3 | There are a variety of ornamental ceramic and plastic pots. Fertilisers and soil can also be found here.

The nursery is located along Persiaran Surian, the main road leading to Kota Damansara, right before the Shell petrol station. For directions, click here.


Suria Nursery Enterprise
A Simpanan Talian Elektrik
Persiaran Surian/Jalan PJU 3/13
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 6019-343 2390 (Raja Thangavelu) & 6017-275 7281 (Rajamma)
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vuejardin said...

I wonder is the landscaping cost expensive in your area? It can cost hundreds to thousands $ in the states.

Stephanie said...

VueJardin, it costs the same here but in Malaysia ringgit ;-)

Unknown said...

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