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Bukit Jalil Nursery

At the entrance of Bukit Jalil Nursery is a huge signage, a few big fan palms and pots of plants that are placed neatly in a simple fashion.

You will definitely not miss this nursery if you are travelling along the Puchong-Sungai Besi Highway!

Opening everyday from 9.30am to 6.30pm, this nursery is a wholesaler and retailer of flowers and fruit trees. Besides that they also do landscaping work which include design, woodwork deco and pond work.

Plant Variety Rating: 4 | They have lots of popular tropical trees, palms, shrubs, trees, ferns, climbers and ground covers.

You can find many flower plants in one of the sheltered areas. Those in hanging baskets are petunias, begonia, vinca as well as some ferns while on the racks are small potted plants like anthurium, oxalis, dwarf palms, money plant, alocasia, spathiphyllum plants, mosquito plant and other ferns.

Out in the open space are bougainvilleas, ixora, angelonia and also crinum.

If you are thinking of getting shrubs or trees for your garden, there are plenty here!

Aside from the regular plants, they also have some bonsai, yucca, ficus and elephant yam plants.

Plant Condition Rating: 4 | All plants are in good condition.

They are lots of nice ferns like sword fern, money plant, aglaonema, anthurium, palm, calathea, syngonium, dieffenbachia and spathiphyllum.

Layout Rating: 4 | Overall the nursery is spacious and easy to move about. There is a particular space where they have lots of pots, some are on the ground and some on the racks. It is easy to look at each type of pots here.

Garden Products Rating: 4 | They have lots of small garden ornaments that are placed on racks. They also sell lots of plastic pots, ceramic pots, seeds, fertiliser and garden accessories.

Bukit Jalil Nursery is located near the Bukit Jalil Fire & Rescue Station. Click here for the map.


Bukit Jalil Nursery Sdn Bhd
Next to Lot 37889
Puchong-Sungai Besi Highway
(Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil)
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile: 6012-232 2446 (Mr Lee Kok Leeh)
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Anonymous said...

The people here are very nice too! Went this afternoon and they gave me free seeds!

Anonymous said...

bad service

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you know how their prices stack up as compared to other nurseries? I just received a quotation for a simple landscape for my garden and wasn't sure if their prices were reasonable.

Stephanie said...

I am not sure about that. But it's good to get quotations for comparison and decision ;-)

Cagen Tan (陈忠宇) said...

Not a friendly boss.... seems like he's too rich! Very disappointed!!!

Anonymous said...

Too expensive

Anuhya Velidi said...

I am planning to buy succulents here , is it cheaper here ?
Usually I buy from Brickfields pasar malam , I get 3 for 10RM.

Stephanie said...

Hi Anuhya Velidi,

At the nurseries, you can try to bargain to that price and buy only healthy ones ;)

Best regards,

Anuhya Velidi said...

Thank you very much for your response Stephanie :-)

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